Ating Alamin

Ating Alamin

The longest-running agri-entrepreneurial and livelihood program on television. For the past 36 years, Ating Alamin has been engaged in the promotion of several livelihood projects as well as in extension of various technologies.

In order to immortalize Ating Alamin's various technologies, they have launched the LIBRO SA VIDEO which features educational modules on Hog Raising, Tilapia Production, Mango Growing, etc.

Seeing the need to constantly educate individuals to be self-sufficient, Ating Alamin have established the GSK or the Gabayan sa Kabuhayan Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Center. As in the past years, the modules available for the members are as follows: basic entrepreneurship (introduction to entrepreneurship, opportunity seeking, screening & seizing, generating business ideas, sales & marketing, financing, etc.), and in the field of agribusiness (crops, fisheries and livestock) to fit the needs and lifestyle of each individual, from housewives to businessmen.

The seminars that Ating Alamin conduct are of the highest quality featuring experts in various fields of specialty supported by a complete business manual, meals and when appropriate, educational, video modules.

Success stories and letters of thanks continue pour into its office as people from all over the country relay how GSK has helped improve their lives. To date, GSK has extended its service to more than 150,000 individuals.

Ating Alamin Entrep Gazette a 40-page all- around business, entrepreneur and leisure read. It carries the same goal of developing the countryside and promoting entrepreneurship, and inspiring those who want to establish their own business. It is published four times a year and is widely distributed at strategic established such as national Bookstore, Power books, Fully booked, Bio research and other various coffee shops, restaurants.

Ating Alamin also launched Pulong Pulong Pangkabuhayan which tours various provinces in an effort to disseminate information and various programs done by both the local Government and the private sector to further alleviate the program's source of revenue and likewise to conduct training on alternative means of livelihood. For 2009, the pulong-pulong Pangkabuhayna has held successful stints in several areas in central and southern Luzon.

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