Apr 19
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Big Mouth Dudu

The story goes with a 5-year kindergarten protagonist named Big Mouth Dudu. He is a school-aged child with extraordinary wit, full of imagination and fabulous speech. Things ordinary in the eyes of common people could be enqired in a way unexpectedly humorous that drives your tears in laughters.

Big Mouth Dudu possesses superior imitation capacity than ordinary children. He scores high in IQ, clever and arrogant. Together with Xiaoen, Ayu and Awei, they are well-received by teachers and students. When a number of naive, kind-hearted, courageous and with sense of justice children getting together, stories with fun and excitement are on play. The stories are close to all children in their livelihood, each child may come across something in his life.

Big mouth Dudu and his friends resolve problems triggered by a series of stories in their own ways. Throughout the story, the children not only obtain knowledge relating to nature sciences, but are in turn nurtured with logical thinking ability. Increasing children with behavioral and ideological morality in their daily lives, gaining in self-protection in life and developing their good habits of searching for problems and combating them at the same time.

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Also Known As :
* Dà Zuǐ Bā Dū Dū (Alternative Transliteration)
* 大嘴巴嘟嘟 (Original Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 30 minutes
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Language : Mandarin
Country : China
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Genre : Animation, Children's, Family