Apr 19
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Coolio's Rules (2008)

The master rapper tries to balance being a musician, a bachelor looking for love, an entrepreneurial caterer, and a single parent raising four teenagers in this show about a not-so-average family.

Being a parent doesn't come with a handbook, a driver's ed course, or even require a license. It's hard enough being a parent when you're just an average Joe. But if you're a rap star with three platinum albums and six top ten hits and have publicly done everything you warn your kids about NOT doing, being a parent is nearly impossible. Coolio is waking up to find out that life isn't exactly everything he had anticipated. He has six kids who have had it way easy up until this point, and he is just starting to realize that they have a lot to learn. And Coolio, with his irreverent methods of discipline, will be just the one to show them.

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Status : Running Edit Status
Running Time : 1 hour
Premiered : October 28, 2008
Number of Episodes : 6
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Language : English
TV Station : Oxygen
Country : United States
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Genre : Reality