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Dark Angel (2000)

Max was bio-engineered in a government lab, at a facility called Manticore, sometime around the turn of the 21st century located in Gillette, Wyoming. As with all of their creations (exception of Joshua), Max has a barcode on the back of her neck, with her identifying number sequence (332960013452). She is an X-5 model and is thus referred to as X5-452. Max and her unit, her "brothers and sisters," named themselves back at Manticore, and sometime after she escapes, she assumes the surname Guevara.

Max and her unit were trained to be soldiers using harsh and brutal techniques, supervised by Colonel Lydecker (John Savage) designed for their special abilities. The genetically engineered supersoldiers had a design flaw though. They were missing an essential chemical in the brain resulting in seizures. This led to the removal and death of some of their unit. When they learned this, and Max began to get the shakes, their protective unit leader, Zack (X5-599) (William Gregory Lee) decided they should escape, and led them through a snow-filled forest as they were being chased by Lydecker's men. Max got separated from her unit when she fell into a frozen pond (having been trained to hold her breath underwater for long periods of time) allowing her to avoid the search party.

Several months after her escape, terrorists detonated an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere over the U.S., on June 1, 2009. This destroyed the vast majority of electrical systems, throwing the United States into chaos, and making it a third world country over night, which let corruption and crime flourish and eventually leading to a stricter martial control of the population.

By the year 2019, Max is living in Seattle, Washington, illegally squatting in an abandoned building, first with Kendra (Jennifer Blanc) and later with Original Cindy (Valarie Rae Miller) her best friend that she works with at Jam Pony (a bicycle messenger service). Other friends from there include Herbal Thought (Alimi Ballard) and Sketchy (a.k.a. Calvin Theodore) (Richard Gunn). She works at Jam Pony in order to be allowed to move around the city, so she can scout locations to steal from. She lives her secret life as a cat burglar, in order to fund the expensive search for her 11 escaped "brothers and sisters."

It is during one of these burglaries that she meets Logan Cale (Michael Weatherly), and realizes that he's the cyber-journalist "Eyes Only." Interested in finding more about his highly skilled mystery visitor, he discovers who she is using security footage, and invites Max back to his apartment. Once there, and being well versed on his government conspiracies, he confirms his suspicions (sees her barcode) that she is one of the escaped X-5s from Manticore. Max and Logan make a pact: he will help her find her missing siblings, if she will help him take down bad guys. Logan also helps to protect Max from Lydecker, who's been looking for the escapees since their breakout.

Soon into the series (10 years after the escape), Max meets up with Zack. More siblings are found, and often with tragic consequences. By the end of the first season, a plan is developed to take down Manticore, one with Lydecker who defects from Manticore after an attempt to assassinate him, and the death of Tinga, one of "his kids." The plan is to destroy the genetics lab, crippling Manticore's ability to produce more soldiers. During their raid, Max gets critically injured, and is assumed dead. But she is actually recaptured.

The plan while successfully executed, fails to destroy Manticore. Instead, a new, larger Manticore facility gets set up an hour outside of Seattle, Washington. Eventually, Max escapes, but not before destroying Manticore, allowing numerous transgenics to escape, creating the eventual public knowledge of their existence. Max reunites with Logan, only to discover that she's become a carrier to a deadly virus which was genetically targeted for Eyes Only.

Max's problems are further compounded when the government starts hunting down and destroying the escaped Manticore soldiers, led by Ames White. White is both a government agent, and a member of a secret ancient breeding cult similar in structure to the Illuminati which spans millennia. He's particularly focused on Max, who is revealed to have been created without junk DNA and for a special purpose.

Max befriends one of the new escapees, the first Manticore creation, Joshua (Kevin Durand) who seeks his "father" Sandeman, their mysterious creator, and a renegade member of the breeding cult. Max also teams up with Alec (Jensen Ackles), an X-5 who's genetically identical to her dead unit-mate Ben, and a magnet for trouble. They spend a lot of time covering up, taking out, or protecting the more odd of the Manticore Alumni. Eventually, they join the other transgenics in the toxic section of Seattle, called Terminal City, and make a stand for their rights against the hostile humans.

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Status : Cancelled Edit Status
Running Time : 42 minutes
Premiered : October 03, 2000
Date Ended : May 03, 2002
Number of Episodes : 43
Season Count : 2
Language : English
TV Station : FOX
Country : United States
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
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Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Adventure

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