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Darna (2005)

Evil Queen Braguda together with her race the Anomalka attacks the planet of Marte. Surprised by the attack, Adran, Queen of the Adranika, realizes that Braguda is eager to possess the Adranika's powers. To avoid taking their power, Adran gave the white stone to Aio who is tasked to give it to whoever is worthy to inherit it. Aio escapes to Earth before Braguda destroys the planet Marte. Braguda follows Aio and when Aio reaches the earth's atmosphere, Braguda disables her spaceship and it crashes while the white stone fall out of the ship where the young Narda discovers it. Aio survives the crash and meets Narda to tell her to keep the stone until the right time comes to receive "the call". After eight years, Aio secretly disguises as an old beggar calls Narda through a telepathic message. The message tells that Narda is the sole inheritor of the power of the Adranika and she will protect the earth from evil. After Narda heard the message, the word "Darna" appears in the white stone and it instructed to swallow it and yell the word "Darna". Narda follows the instruction and became the superheroine Darna. Darna returns to her mortal state when she utters the word Narda and then the white stone comes out from her mouth.

After Braguda discovers that Darna possesses the white stone, she and her minons try to steal the white stone from Darna. Braguda's intention is combine the power of the magic white stone with her magic black stone so that she can transform the Planet Earth into another "Planet Marte" and mutate all Earthlings into Anomalkans so that they can survive in the new environment and serve Braguda in her quest of Galactic domination.

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Also Known As :
* Mars Ravelo's Darna (Complete Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 30 minutes
Premiered : April 04, 2005
Date Ended : November 25, 2005
Number of Episodes : 165
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : Multi-Camera setup
Genre : Action, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction

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