Apr 21
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Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes as Fredo
Fredo is one of the country's hottest bachelors, a man who makes it no secret that he doesn't believe in love. But when his life is saved by a beautiful stranger, Fredo's life begins to unravel—and he just might start believing in the power of true love.

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera as Dyesebel
Dyesebel is the most loved and most beautiful mermaid under the sea, but she is also the one who gets into the most trouble! When Dyesebel is saved by a young man from fishermen, it would seem that she had found what others haven't in their long lives: he...

Rufa Mae Quinto as Muruha
The mystical sea-creature who will grant the wish of Dyesebel to have human legs.

Ricky Davao

Ricky Davao as Don Juan
Don Juan is the father of Fredo, a rich man who has made a lot of enemies on his way to the top.

Alfred Vargas

Alfred Vargas as Erebus
Erebus is a handsome and royal merman who must hide his true feelings for Dyesebel.

Mylene Dizon

Mylene Dizon as Dyangga
Dyangga is the mean queen of the sea, a beautiful but wretched creature whose jealousy knows no bounds. She wants to make sure that Dyesebel never experiences a happy moment under the sea.

Lotlot de Leon

Lotlot de Leon as Banak
Banak is a kind and motherly mermaid who finds Dyesebel and later on decides to adopt her as her own daughter.

Luis Alandy

Luis Alandy as Gildo
Gildo is a sought-after model who isn't content with what he has. He is also Fredo's closest friend and biggest competition.

Marco Alcaraz

Marco Alcaraz as Usaro
Usaro is the most trusted soldier, and lover, of Dyangga. But unbeknownst to the queen of the sea, Usaro has hidden feelings for Dyesebel.

Teri Onor

Teri Onor as Akirang
Akirang is an evil seahorse with delusions of grandeur. He is the one who flames the hatred that Dyangga feels for Dyesebel.

Paolo Ballesteros

Paolo Ballesteros as Bukanding
Bukanding is Dyesebel's closest friend and has been with her since she first became part of the sea.

Ms. Jean Garcia

Ms. Jean Garcia as Lucia
Lucia is the real mother of Dyesebel, a martyr who decides to forsake her own happiness just to save the lives of those she loves.

Aljur Abrenica

Aljur Abrenica as Paolo
Paolo is a poor fisherman who falls in love with a girl too rich for him: Sheila Mae.

Michelle Madrigal

Michelle Madrigal as Berbola
Berbola is one of the mermaids that Dyesebel truly trusts. But what she doesn't know is that Berbola hides her loathing for the outsider because she herself has fallen in love with Fredo.

Kris Bernal

Kris Bernal as Sheila Mae
Sheila Mae is Fredo's younger sister who likes getting what she wants, whenever she wants it.

Hero Angeles

Hero Angeles as Mark
Mark is a young fisherman who holds a deep hatred for Fredo and his family; he is also Paolo's older brother.

Bianca King

Bianca King as Betty
Betty is one of the most popular models in the country, and she can have anyone she wants—except Fredo. She will be the one who will make Dyesbel's life miserable.

Filiberto Nepomoceno as Butete
Another sea-creature who will become Dyesebel's sidekick.

Charlotte Hermoso as Jelay
Dyesebel's sea-creature friend.

Wendell Ramos as Florentino V. Montemayor
Dyesebel's father and Lucia's mother. He was killed trying to save Dyesebel from the hands of the villager.

Chanda Romero as Felicia

Chinggoy Alonzo as Ernesto

Andrea del Rosario as Vivian

Jen Rosendahl

Vanessa del Moral

Arkin Luciano Magalona as Young Fredo

Kirsten Jane Sigrit as Young Dyesebel

Nanette Inventor as Doña Guada

Joseph Marco as Joseph

Elizabeth Ramsey as Mother of Pearls

Mat Ranillo III as Enrico Salcedo

Mariz Ricketts as Melba

Kevin Santos as Fonsy

Robert Villar as Buboy

Ryan Yllana as Leo

Renz Joyce Juan as Young Berbola

Jackie Rice as Arana

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