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The weekday edition first aired in January 6, 1992 as a replacement for GMA Headline News with Tina Monzon-Palma (who then moved to ABC "now TV5" as the Chief Operating Officer) and Leslie Espino (who replaced Jose Mari Velez on the newscast after his death). The first team of anchors was composed of Espino, Vicky Morales (who also had a brief stint as the third anchor on Headline News), Marga Ortigas and two new recruits from rival stations-- Mari Kaimo (from PTV "now NBN") and Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel (from IBC). Espino would bow out of the newscast after a year. He was replaced by Marga Ortigas on that same year.

In 1997, the newscast was given a new set, new theme music, and a sleeker opening ident and graphics package. In the opening ident, Kaimo gave a sneak peek of the night's headlines with clips from the specific news items, after which, Mike Enriquez (and later, GMA continuity announcer Al Torres) provided the voice-over, "From the award-winning GMA News and Public Affairs team, this is GMA Network News..." to introduce the newscast and its anchorpersons. Rachel del Mar became the program's new weather girl, who would always end the segment (then retitled "GMA Weather Center") with "This is Rachel del Mar, your all-weather friend."

However, Kaimo and Hontiveros eventually left the newscast as well. The former would move to ABS-CBN (to host The Correspondents and the Studio 23 newscast News Central), while the latter ran for party-list representative in Congress. Morales became sole anchor of the newscast while it prepared for a reformat, while the opening voice-over was eventually dropped from the opening ident.

In 1998, Enriquez joined Morales as co-anchor. It became the first Filipino newscast to do stand-up news delivery (inspired by US TV network newscasts). It also made a gradual shift in the language it used, first to "Taglish" (a mixture of Tagalog and English), then Filipino after a few months. The newscast became the first late-night news program in Filipino on Philippine television. This is also the first news program where the anchors are standing up, Due to this, GMA Network News ratings became higher than its rival english-language newscasts, The Big News of ABC "now TV5" and The World Tonight of ABS-CBN.

Enriquez used his signature close, "Thank you for trusting GMA", which became "Marami pong salamat sa inyong pagtitiwala sa GMA" (when the newscast switched to Filipino) to end the newscast. The latter closing line was also used by Enriquez in Saksi (when he and Morales transferred to the said newscast in 1999 after the premiere of Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco on the late-night slot) and on his DZBB radio program. Mel Tiangco would later use the same closing line until now on 24 Oras.

Meanwhile, the newscast's weekend edition aired from 1996 to 2002, first, with Martin Andanar, Raffy Marcelo and Georgette Tengco, then Gin de Mesa, and finally, Bernadette Sembrano. The weekend edition also switched to news delivery in Filipino at the same time the weekday edition did. "GMA Network News" continued to be the weekend newscast's title until 2002, even as the weekday edition gave way to "Frontpage" in 1999.

Running Time
30 minutes
January 06, 1992
June 2002
TV Station
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