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Humanoid Monster Bem (2006)

When evil creatures from around the world gather together in an enormous Eastern harbor city to feed on the chaos of the port, factories, graveyards and slums, three humanoid monsters - Bem, Bela and Belo - team up to foil their plans. Bem and his friends normally look human but can transform into horrifying monsters with superpowers when they fight against the evil creatures that populate their city.

Bem believes that one day, if he and his companions do enough good, they can become human permanently in this exciting remake of the 1968 smash hit action/horror series of the same name. Produced by Asatsu DKNAS and animated by Studio Comet, this anime adventure program teaches boys and girls the differences between good and evil with an emphasis on family relationships as Bem struggles to discover the secrets of his origin while battling against the monster living inside him.

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Also Known As :
* Monstruos Humanoides (Alternative Language)
* Yokai Ningen Bem (Alternative Language)
* 妖怪人間ベム (Alternative Language)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 30 minutes
Premiered : April 01, 2006
Date Ended : October 07, 2006
Number of Episodes : 26
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Japanese
TV Station : Animax
Country : Japan
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Audio Format : [Edit Audio Format]
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Genre : Animation, Horror

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