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Impostora (2007)

Following the grand success of Bakekang, GMA-7, introduces another emotionally - gripping tale bound to take viewers to the realm of desire, deception and destiny with the newest drama to invade the primetime block - Impostora.

Impostora, is the latest heart-moving drama that touches the unique life-story of two conjoined twins with a star-studded cast featuring today's most sought-after drama queens on Philippine television - Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado.

Unlike in their previous shows, Impostora is more challenging both for Sunshine and Iza for they will be playing dual characters. Iza will play the role of twins -- the beautiful but vindictive Lara, and the uglified and weak-willed Sara. Sunshine, on the other hand, plays the twins' wicked cousin Nessa and the faint-hearted Sara.

Produced by the creative team behind Bakekang, with multi-awarded director Maryo J. Delos Reyes at the helm, Impostora is about the intertwined lives and loves of the twins Sara and Lara (Iza Calzado). Sara and Lara are conjoined twins when they were young but their parents Henry (Romnick Sarmienta) and Adelle (Gelli de Belen) agree to have them separated at the age of eight.

But the twins' separation brings about a string of misfortunes that leaves their mother no choice but to put them up for adoption. Lara will be accepted by Betty (Jean Garcia), the wife of Henry's brother Delfin (Gary Estrada), to live with them as playmate of her spoiled, mean daughter Nessa. But Lara will soon run away because she can no longer tolerate the cruelty and abuse of Betty and Nessa. A kind-hearted person, however, will find and keep Lara, who grows up with mesmerizing beauty.

Sara, meanwhile will be adopted by her aunt Gemma (Jan Marini). Unfortunately, Sara's presence in her relative's household remains unaccepted which even leads Gemma's husband to distort and ruin her face. In spite of being unwanted, Sara stays in the house and grows up with a hideously distorted face.

Lara vows to find her twin sister but to no avail. Then fate leads Sara to meet Leandro (Luis Alandy), a plastic surgeon who is willing to help restore her beautiful face. With her goal to evade the authorities and the desire to have a pretty face, Sara agrees to undergo plastic surgery.

But instead of seeing her reflection after the operation, Sara is surprised to find herself with someone else's face! Sara is even stunned to find the woman who owns the face running away with the plastic surgeon. She tries to run after the couple but Nicholas (Mark Anthony Fernandez) suddenly arrives and calls her by the name Nessa!

Will she choose to live and pretend as somebody else or will she insist on regaining her true identity? What if Sara is destined to cross paths with her twin sister Lara? Will the blood that binds them help her twin sister recognize Sara's real identity? Or will Lara finally take her sweet revenge for her family but with the wrong Nessa?

Completing Impostora's powerhouse cast are Mark Anthony Fernandez, Alfred Vargas, Luis Alandy, Chanda Romero and Jean Garcia together with the special participation of Romnick Sarmienta, Gary Estrada, Ana Capri, Jan Marini, John Regala, Ana Roces and Gelli de Belen. Impostora also introduces Starstruck's Ultimate Hunk Mart Escudero, Charee Pineda, Jenika Garcia and real-life twin sisters Charisse and Charlotte Hermoso as the young Sara and Lara.

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Also Known As :
* The Impostor (Alternative Language)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 46 minutes
Premiered : June 04, 2007
Date Ended : September 21, 2007
Number of Episodes : 80
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : Multi-Camera setup
Genre : Drama

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