Apr 24
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This is a story of a daughter in revenge against her father who had abandoned her mother, brother and herself long time ago.

Her mother has gone blind due to the shock of her brother's sudden death. Her father has remarried a famous actress and has never paid any attention to his first family's poverty and sorrow.

Just like Hamlet moaning in remembrance of his father's bitter tragedy, our heroine, Ariyung, plots a cunning revenge against her father, father's current wife and their new daughter.

Irene becomes a famous TV drama writer and she is one of the most powerful people when it comes to drama casting. She writes a TV series and intentionally invites his father's new wife to star in her drama, acting as a vicious woman who snatches another man's wife... making her play out the hidden past their entwined lives.

At the same time, Irene approaches her step-sister's fiancé also out of calculated purpose. Irene intends to tear apart her father's new family. And she will stop at nothing to make it happen.

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Also Known As :
* Miss Mermaid (Alternative Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
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Language : Korean
TV Station : MBC Korea
Country : South Korea
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Genre : Drama