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Julio at Julia: Kambal ng Tadhana (1991)

The story begins in Peking, China during 1897. Two children, Jules (a Chinese boy), and Julie (an English girl) are born, fulfilling the first part of a prophecy foretold by the soothsayer Lowtzay. That prophecy describes two children, born to different parents whose mothers both perish at birth ending the tyrannical rule of the Empress of China. In addition, the prophecy also states that this dethronement to occur, the so-called "Twins of Destiny" must replace two stone tablets at the Temple of Heavenly Harmony in the Forbidden City. As foretold, this would lead to collapse of the Empire.

The Empress is informed of this prophecy from her astrologer, and sends several eunuchs to kill the infants shortly after their birth. Although their fathers are captured, a member of the "Society of Freedom", Shou Cow, rescues the babies and arranges to send them to France via an arrangement made with a Captain Torneay and his first mate Martin Garson.

Meanwhile, the Empress imprisons the fathers of Jules and Julie, petrifying them to stone with the aid of her court Magician. Upon hearing that the Twins have survived, a pirate, Kung Lee, is sent to kill the twins. Although he successfully takes over the ship conveying Jules and Julie to Europe, he cannot bring himself to murder the children. The Empress hears of this betrayal.

Ten years pass. The twins, now living in France with Captain Torneay, attend school. Several bullies taunt Jules because of his Asian heritage. At around this point in their lives, the Twins start to realise they have command over a supernatural power whenever they hold hands. Using this power, they break a branch that another child was going to attack Jules with. They start to experiment with this power, and perform limited acts of telekinesis (such as moving a model boat back to the edge of a pond). Shortly thereafter, a Chinese ambassador becomes aware of the twins presence when they meet at a theatre, and Jules and Julie must escape. Their gardener, Ho Quan, a member of the Society of Freedom, assists them. However, their caregiver (and arguably surrogate father), Captain Torneay, dies of a heart attack. Martin Garson is now guardian of the Twins.

Shou Cow makes contact with the Twins, and Jules and Julie are given an explanation to their supernatural abilities. They are finally told of their mission - to travel to Peking and return the Stone Tablets to the Forbidden City. The Twins then begin to travel across Europe, avoiding capture by the Empire's henchmen.

Jules and Julie are required to work together to overcome many obstacles in their journey. After being separated from Martin, they continue to travel, with their powers slowly growing over time.

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Also Known As :
* Gemelli nel Segno del Destino (Alternative Language)
* Jumeaux du bout du monde, Les (Original Title)
* Kinder der Mondgöttin, Die (Alternative Language)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 30 minutes
Premiered : November 13, 1991
Number of Episodes : 52
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : French
TV Station : TF1
Country : France
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Genre : Animation, Children's, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure