Apr 24
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Jun Banaag

Truth hurts Remy Umerez
ONE program we enjoy listening to is DzMM's Dr. Love anchored by Bro. Jun Banaag. He reminds me of the late Tia Dely Magpayo who goes direct to the point when giving out advice. One night the topic was about priests who carry affairs with both sexes. ...
January 31, 2009, People's Journal

Ruffa has mixed emotions about divorce with Yilmaz Ethel Ramos
WE were able to watch the "Maalaala Mo Kaya" epi-sode about Fatima Serrano. She was only about 10 years old then when her life story was shown on ABS-CBN. We were so touched with her struggle to live normally in spite of being born blind.Her disability...
April 10, 2008, Malaya

Aktor na buko ang edad, type magmukhang bata Nel Alejandrino
What we know about this pretty and ultra-popular actress is just her screen age. In reality, she's much older pala. In fairness to her, she doesn't look her real age. Her screen age, which is what we know, seems to really fit her. Kung sabagay, in th...
April 09, 2008, 04:21 AM, People's Tonight

Kim admits going to Gerald’s home Ethel Ramos
IF the current closeness between teenage stars Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are not indicative of their romance, then what exactly is?A source who claims to be close to both but who does not want to be identified said the relationship between the teena...
May 14, 2007, Malaya

Pinaghiwalay ni 'Pinatubo'! Billy Balbastro
HE is no Mama�s boy but fourth Pinoy Dream Academy dropout Geoff Taylor brought along his mom and a few friends to his lunch session (he didn�t eat lunch) with the entertainment press last Thursday, the fourth day after his eviction. He now goes a...
October 07, 2006, Abante