Apr 16
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Love of the Condor Heroes

This highly acclaimed Chinese series is touted as the greatest legend of Asia in its presentation of the adventures of the streetwise Yang Guo (Huang Xiao Ming), an orphaned boy in mid-13th century China who gets passed around from one prestigious master to another but is deprived of being taught the kung fu he has always wanted to learn.

While escaping from a traumatic experience from a notorious sect, Yang Guo meets a beautiful girl named Xiao Long Nu (Crystal Liu) who not only becomes his kung fu master but also the love of his life. But despite their effort to isolate themselves from the world by living inside Xiao Long Nu's cave, they can't prevent the outside world from interfering with their kung fu training and promising love affair.

Xiao Long Nu's sister drives the couple out of the cave and into the outside world where Yang Guo discovers the bitter truth that the person responsible for his father's death is the same person who raised him when he was orphaned.

Torn between the moral imperative of avenging his father's death and extending gratitude to the people who took him in when he was a young boy, Yang Guo also endures countless trials and near-death experiences.

Further, he also faces the dilemma of forbidden love as it is considered social taboo for a kung fu disciple like him to fall in love and be married to his kung fu master, who is no other than his beloved Xiao Long Nu. This sparks the classic and poignant story of noble sacrifices and boundless love that has endeared Love of the Condor Heroes to the hearts of viewers all over the world.

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Genre : Adventure, Romance

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