Apr 23
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Mara Clara

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos as Mara
Mara live in a life of poverty, belittled of love from her parents. She, however, feels the compassion brought about by her friends. Even though her parents thinks less of her, she loves them dearly and is willingly to endure torment from other people.

Gladys Reyes as Clara
The spoiled daughter of Alvira and Amante. She often feels insecure when her parents caters the need of Mara thus often abuse Mara's good nature.

Juan Rodrigo as Amante del Valle
A wealthy businessman. He hids a secret from his wife to protect her health and for them to feign the normalcy of a perfect family.

Beverly Vergel as Alvira del Valle
Amante's wife who has a heart condition. She has an uncertain love towards Mara but has a strong protective love towards Clara.

Eruel Tiongco as Gary Davis
Mara's abusive and drunk father. He often goes to the del Valle to extort money from Amante del Valle.

Susan Africa as Susan Davis
Susan is Mara's mother. She feels no love for Mara although at times, remorsed the way she treats her. Her love goes to her husband, Gary, and the wealthy daughter of the del Valle, Clara.

Leni Santos as Lenita
Gary's mistress. Although she knows about Gary's marriage to Susan, she still has strong feeling towards Gary and would do anything, legal or illegal, to attain his love.

Dan Fernandez as Karlo
A friend of the Davis family, Karlo holds the diary that tells the secret of the interwoven lives of Mara and Clara.

Minnie Aguilar as Lagring
Lagring is Susan's bestfriend. She may not like to way she treats Mara but she sticks to her side everytime her drunk husband comes home to taunt them.

Paolo Contis

Paolo Contis as Jepoy
An orphan who lives in the Del Valle manor. He is the bestfriend of Eris and a friend of Mara.

Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual

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