Apr 23
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Maria Flordeluna

Eliza Pineda as Maria Flordeluna Alicante
The kind daughter of Elvira and Leo Alicante, who believes in the innate goodness of people. As a promise to her dying mom, she tries very hard to keep her family together, and works as a bridge between Leo, Reneboy and Jo.

Nash Aguas as Renato Manuel "Reneboy" Alicante
Flor's younger brother Reneboy. Naughty and a bit handful at times, he has severe asthma, but still manages to protect her loving sister whenever she's in trouble. She resents Leo for pushing him too hard, and he doesn't entertain the notion of having Jo replace his mother, Elvira. Ultimately, she wants to separate Jo and her family from the Alicante house.

Kristel Fulgar as Wilma Espero
Materialistic and rather envious of her stepsister, she resents how her mother treats Maria Flordeluna, and wants her parents to recognize her as the better daughter than Maria Flordeluna. As such, she joins her equally cunning grandmother to make Flor suffer.

Albert Martinez as Leo Alicante
A stern military man and father of two. A bit on the rigid side, he's not demonstrative and keeps his emotions bottled to himself. Noted for his intelligence, he prioritizes his career, and vows to prove himself to his father and the people who turned their backs on him.

Eula Valdez as Josephine "Jo" Espero Alicante
She marries him after Elvira's death, and settles in the Alicante household together with her mother Brigida, and her daughter Wilma. The complete opposite of an evil stepmother, Jo is a caring woman, and a doting mother to Maria Flordeluna and Reneboy. Like her stepdaughter, she wants to keep her family together and tries very hard to make it work.

Vina Morales as Elvira
Leo's first wife Elvira is played by Vina Morales. The mayor's daughter, she is a rich girl with a good heart. She gave up her princess-like lifestyle for Leo, and wants to secure his love by giving everything he needs and wants. A doting mother to kids Maria Flordeluna and Reneboy, she makes sure her family is always in tiptop shape.

Johnny Delgado as Carlos Alvarado Alicante
A retired general known for being strict, Carlos seems to have a soft spot for his illegitimate son, Leo. Played by Johnny Delgado, Carlos wants to make up for his sins against Leo, alienating his other son, Gary in the process.

John Estrada as Gary Alvarado
Leo's half-brother and rival in the military. He has harbored ill feelings towards Leo, and wants to take everything from his half-brother, even Jo. He longs fatherly affection from Carlos, who seems to favor Leo, despite Gary being the legal son.

Liza Lorena as Brigida
The scheming mother of Jo who holds the key to Wilma's secret identity. She often uses emotional blackmail on her daughter, and makes sure Flor's life becomes miserable. She wants to return to her affluent lifestyle by acquiring the Alicante's wealth.

Minnie Aguilar as Soling
Soling is the trusted servant of the Alicante family.

Roldan Aquino as Tibor Natividad
Tibor is Leo's uncle who now serves as the family driver.

Nikki Bagaporo as Angel

Darius Cardano as Mark

Cheena as Greta

Menggie Cobarrubias as General Torres

Dennis Coronel as Captain Castro

Joshua Dionisio

Joshua Dionisio as Boyet

Mark Dionisio as Lt. Col. Isagani Fernandez

Frances Ignacio as Marie

Peewee O'Hara as Iya

Neil Ryan Sese as Adolfo

Alwyn Uytingco as Jacob Charles "JC" Custodio
JC is a student at the university Annie attends, and is the leader of an on-campus action group.

Jill Yulo as Annie Natividad
Annie is the daughter of Tibor, who is currently attending college and lives with her father at the Alicante home.

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