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MariMar (2007)

She was the epitome of simplicity and innocence, an unassuming lass who was lovable in her naïveté. And yet she captured the hearts of millions of viewers in different parts of the world and became a household name familiar even to young children.

She is Marimar, the lead role in the Mexican telenovela of the same name which changed the landscape of Philippine TV in the '90s. Marimar not only ushered in the telenovela craze in the country, it also jumpstarted the production of shorter and more fast-paced soap series in the local setting.

Starting August 13, GMA Network brings the most-awaited treat to primetime viewers with the launch of the new Marimar Filipinos can truly call their own. With the most bankable Filipino actors portraying the well-loved roles in the original Mexican series, GMA Network's Marimar will surely be endeared to the Filipinos because the setting and the characters are definitely closer to home.

With directors Joyce Bernal and Mac Alejandre at the helm, recreating Marimar to suit the Filipino setting is indeed very challenging albeit rewarding as well.

The story of Marimar bespeaks a journey of a young lass who has been deprived of everything that was rightfully hers. Separated from her real parents at a young age, Marimar was found and raised by an old couple who treat her as their own grandchild. Not knowing that she is the sole heiress to the riches of Don Gustavo Aldama, Marimar lives a modest and carefree
life by the sea. She befriends the ambitious Angelika, who later holds the greatest grudge against her due to an incident that is beyond Marimar's control.

Angelika becomes the girlfriend of Sergio Santibañez, but her selfishness and gold-digging nature is further manifested when she marries Sergio's father, the resort tycoon Renato Santibañez. Devastated by the betrayal of the woman he loves, Sergio vows to retaliate against his father and ex-girlfriend. He meets the unassuming Marimar, who easily falls in love
with him.

Marimar's complicated and tormented life begins when she agrees to marry Sergio and is subjected to the cruelty of Angelika in the Santibañez mansion. Here starts Marimar's awakening to the harsh reality of what her love for Sergio has done to her. And when fate begins to favor the once oppressed Marimar, how will she turn the tables on Sergio and all the others who once looked down on her?

The riveting story of Marimar is set to have viewers hooked once more as the much-awaited Filipino version premieres this August 13. Moreover, children will surely be delighted in hearing and dancing to the catchy Marimar theme song, which is sung by no less than Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez.

Marimar airs weeknights in GMA-7's primetime Telebabad block.

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Alternative Title : [Add An Alternative Title]
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 49 minutes
Premiered : August 13, 2007
Date Ended : March 14, 2008
Number of Episodes : 95
Season Count : 1
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : Multi-Camera setup
Genre : Drama, Romance, Crime

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