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Master of Epic: The Animation Age (2007)

Master of Epic: The Animation Age

Master of Epic: The Animation Age is the official anime adaption of the game. Though many video and computer games are adapted into anime, Master of Epic is unique in that its series is a comedy/parody of the game. It features short sketch comedy vignettes featuring both recurring and one-shot characters, which poke fun at the game mechanics and the sometimes illogical rules of MMORPG's in general. Each sketch typically focuses on a specific skill, highlighting the game's unique skill system. The episodes begin with a brief host segment in which two characters explain a specific game element, (such as skills, death, or weapons) and this element tends to be a recurring theme in all the sketches for that episode, not unlike the setup onYou Can't Do That on Television. The show has a number of characters who may take on several different roles in varying skits, often appearing as different characters, not unlike members of a comedy troupe. The episodes also contain numerous inside jokes for fans of the game.

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Also Known As :
* Maestro ng Epiko (Alternative Language)
* Master of Epic (Short Title)
* MoE (Abbreviated Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 25 minutes
Premiered : January 07, 2007
Date Ended : March 25, 2007
Number of Episodes : 12
Season Count : 1
Language : Japanese
TV Station : TV Tokyo
Country : Japan
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Genre : Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

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