Apr 23
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Richard Gutierrez as Aguiluz
Mulawin, tasked by his father Aquilar to protect Alwina at all cost.

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin as Alwina
half-Mulawin/half-Human, prophesied to be the Sugo who will unite the Mulawins and Humans and later joins forces with Mulawins.

Dennis Trillo as Gabriel
He's childhood friend of Alwina who had since developed a crush on her and is haunted by strange dreams. He was purified into a Ravena by Ravenum and renamed as a prince of Ravena. Later, he was turned back into human form.

Bianca King as Aviona
Mulawin, has a secret unrequited devotion to Aguiluz.

Ara Mina

Ara Mina as Vultra /Violeta /Veronica
Ravena, Queen of the Ravenas and wife of Rasmus. She transform herself into human and named herself Violeta to kill the Sugo. She also revealed as a wife of Bagwis and real mother of Alwina and later purifed into Mulawin as Veronica.

Karen delos Reyes as Savanah
Human into Ravena, a social climber whose main goal is to get closer to Gabriel and his inheritance, no matter who or what stands on her way. Later, she joined forces with Ravenas as an evil princess.

Eddie Gutierrez as Dakila
Mulawin, the aging wise leader of Mulawins.

Zoren Legaspi as Bagwis
Mulawin, protege of Dakila favored to be the next leader of Mulawins. He is a father of Alwina and real husband of Vultra, who later purified into Mulawin as Veronica.

Romnick Sarmienta as Habagat
Mulawin, brother of Bagwis who secretly longs to be the next leader of their race. He was joined forces with Ravenas and later confessed to Mulawins. He is also a husband of Linang and a father of Mulagat.

Gary Estrada as Rasmus
Ravena, King of the Ravenas and second husband of Vultra. He was a Mulawin before turning into a Ravena and later purified back into Mulawin to join forces against Ravenas in the last war. He's also a best firend of Bagwis.

Marissa Sanchez as Tuka
Ravena turned Mulawin, revealed as an adopted mother of Pagaspas and allies with Mulawins.

Bearwin Meily as Kuwak
Ravena purified into Human, joined forces with Tagubas and Mulawins.

Rainier Castillo as Pagaspas / Gus
Night owl, an owl pet of Alwina who transform into a young boy when together with another owl, Lawiswis. Later revealed as an adopted son of Tuka, a Ravena who was purified into Mulawin.

Miguel Tanfelix as Young Pagaspas
Night owl, an owl pet of Alwina who transform into a young boy when together with another owl, Lawiswis. Later revealed as an adopted son of Tuka, a Ravena who was purified into Mulawin.

Denise Laurel as Lawiswis / Wis
Night owl, an owl friend of Pagaspas who transform into a young girl when with him.

Sam Bumatay as Young Lawiswis
Night owl, an owl friend of Pagaspas who transform into a young girl when with him.

Isabella de Leon as Mayi
Mulawin, she can transform into a maya bird. She is usually sent to spy the enemies.

Amy Austria as Lourdes
Human, she finds the giant egg which when hatches, gives "birth" to Alwina. She is also considered a witch by the town people, and for that she leaves in the outskirts of Tierra Fuego. She was purified into Ravena queen by Gabriel, who was also purified i...

Lloyd Samartino as Lucio Montenegro
Human, father of Gabriel. He is a ruthless landlord and the richest man in Tierra Fuego.

Kiel Rodriguez as Terong
Human, a peasant in the Hacienda de Montenegro and close friend of Gabriel.

Jaja Bolivar as Biba
Human, a playful neighbor and a close friend to Alwina.

Bryan Revilla as Lino
Human, an orphan living with his grandmother. He wants to seek revenge against the winged beings for the death of his parents.

Alicia Alonzo as Rosing
Human, grandmother of Lino.

Tricia Roman as Pamela
Human, bestfriend of Savanah.

Pia Pilapil as Lucila Montenegro
Human, mother of Gabriel. She is a depressed suicidal wife of Lucio.

Tanya Garcia as Paloma
Mulawin, a mysterious Mulawin living in the city, and could transform herself into a real bird.

Michael de Mesa as Ravenum
Ravena, father of Rasmus and evil king of Ravenas.

BJ Forbes

BJ Forbes as Niwalum
Mysterious being, a playmate of Pagaspas and Lawiswis. "Niwalum" is also a reversed name or word of Mulawin.

Richard Gutierrez as Aguilar
Mulawin, father of Aguiluz.

Carmina Villaroel as Ina
Mulawin, mother of Aguiluz and the guardian of Molave Tree.

Eagle Riggs as Dak-dak
One of the Pericos, arace of winged humanoids who refuses to engage in the wars between Mulawins and Ravenas. They are a non-stop talkers, and as such, have been called as the newscasters in the forest. They resembled as parrots.

Michael Roy Jornales as Kuskos
One of the Musangs, a group of feline humanoid carnivores living all over the forest. They don't live in a permanent place, but are known to hunt in pack. They also have nine lives, and as such, they have to be killed nine times before they can finally di...

Princess Punzalan as Maningning
One of the Taguba, group of amazon warriors made up entirely of women. They are trained in arrows and manual combat.

Cristine Reyes as Estrella
One of the Taguba.

Geralyn Gasper as Dalaginding
One of the Taguba.

Shermain Santiago as Oyayi
One of the Taguba.

Giselle Toengi as Mine-a
Mother of Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya.

Sheryl Cruz as Linang
From Encantadia.

Jay Aquitania as Mulagat
From Encantadia.

Nancy Castiglione as Muyak
Alena's dama (lady-in-waiting). Found herself stranded in the world of mortals after following Pirena carrying a baby through the Tree of Asnamon.

James Blanco as Aramis
From Encantadia.

Bettina Carlos as Florona
From Encantadia.

Katarina Perez as Marikit
From Encantadia.

Geneva Cruz as Haraya
An adarna bird whose songs can turn anyone into stone, and whose egg is the only one which can revert the process. She is the better half of Balasik, and also the final test for the Sugo.

Kristel Fulgar as Young Alwina

Kurt Perez as Young Aguiluz

Paul Salas as Young Gabriel

Shammel Leask as Young Aviona

Julia Clarete

Julia Clarete as Georgia

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