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Panday (2005)


A meteor crashes into the desert of Sto. Sepulcro. Flavio, the panday of the community, forges a dagger and a church bell from the remains of the meteor. He uses this same dagger to fight of the Sombra Oscura, the minions of evil, who constantly attack the town. By some mystical power, the dagger of Panday transforms into a great sword every time he wields it in defense of the people of Sto. Sepulcro.

In his battle against evil, Panday faces off against Lizardo, the Son of the Devil and leader of the Sombras. The battle is intense, but, in the end, Panday is able to vanquish his mortal foe.

Having saved Sto. Sepulcro, Flavio decides to give up his sword. He goes to the church and casts his fabled weapon into the bell he also made. A white light then shoots out from the sky and it lifts Panday up into the heavens.

The people of Sto. Sepulcro rejoice now that Panday has brought them peace. Unbeknownst to them, the Sombras discover that there is a part of Lizardo that is still alive -- his brain.

In order to bring him back to life, they must transcend time and space to look for the girl who can resurrect their master.

Will the Sombras succeed? If they do, who will defend the people of Sto. Sepulcro once more? The story of Panday continues...


Created by Carlo J. Caparas, Panday is the story of a metalsmith named FLAVIO, who belongs to the community of Sto. Sepulcro. Originally a comic book, Panday follows the adventures of Flavio after he forges a dagger and a churchbell from the remains of a meteor that crashes into the desert of the town. He uses this same dagger to fight off the SOMBRA OSCURA, the minions of evil, who constantly attack the town. By some mystical power, the dagger of Panday transforms into a great sword every time he weilds it in defense of the people of Sto. Sepulcro.

In his final battle against evil, Panday faces off against LIZARDO, the Son of the Devil and leader of the Sombras. The battle is intense, but, in the end, Panday is able to vanquish his mortal foe.

In 1980, the comic story was adapted to the big screen. Legendary actor, Fernando Poe Jr. starred as Flavio, and Max Alvarado was the infamous Lizardo. Three more installments to the Ang Panday movie production were made throughout the 80's: Ang Panday Ang Pagbabalik, Ang Panday: Ikatlong Yugto, and Panday Ikaapat na Aklat. Each of them solidifying FPJ's status as the Panday, defender of the masa.

After a long hiatus, the story of Panday is alive again -- this time as a sineserye being brought to you by ABS-CBN.


Carlo J. Caparas. The brain, the creator, the Father of Panday. His dream of making an extraordinary tale started way back in the 70s when he was thinking of an interesting storyline for a comic book. He drew inspiration for his idea from actor and friend, Fernando Poe Jr. FPJ, as his fans call him, was an idol for many and he never hesitated when someone needed his help. It was from this same self-giving attitude that Direk Carlo drew up the character that became known as Flavio or the Panday.

Little did Direk Carlo know that actress, Susan Roses, also FPJ's wife, would come across his Panday komiks one night and show it to her husband. The rest, as they say, is Philippine cinema history.

The story of Direk Carlo's love for fantasy began when he was still a kid. When he stopped schooling after his fourth grade in elementary school, he lived among the farmers in the mountains. He worked part time with them as an errand boy and the stories he heard them tell became the foundation of his active imagination. Going back to school again after a year, Direk Carlo nurtured his talent for drawing and writing. Unfortunately he had to stop his education again when he was in his second year in high school.

With his idolizing the artist, Francisco Coching, his love for books and watching movies, Carlo J. Caparas started working in the printing industry. When he began as a komiks writer he poured all the stories he heard over the years into his work. "Ako'y Nagmamahal Sa 'Yo," a tragic love story, was his first big break when Pablo Gomez' discovered his story in 1970. After a year, Atlas Publishing got him as an Associate Editor. And from then on he had focused only on his typewriter, as if talking, through his words on paper. Direk Carlo has since then produced 200 short stories and 800 novels, in his 17 years as a writer.

Panday from a komiks character has evolved into a big screen hero. From 1981-1984 the Panday films were the consistent top-grossers in the yearly Metro Manila Film Festival. Carlo believes that FPJ made the story legendary. "He was able to help me make my story larger than life from the first Panday movie in 1979 to the last one he made in 1998."

When he was approached with the idea of making Panday a TV series, he had his hesitations at first but was then convinced by his wife and business partner, Donna Villa, to do it. "Nakita namin na uso na ginagawang teleserye ang mga superheroes na galing sa Komiks kaya pumayag ako na gawing serye na ang Panday sa TV. Naisip din naming mag-asawa na marami ang matutulungan naming mga artista at malaki ang magagawa ng ABS-CBN sa legacy ng Panday." The original Panday ,Fernando Poe Jr., probably wouldn't have done it any other way. "Creator din siya not only of stars but also of stories. If he sees Jericho as the new Panday he would see himself in Jericho. Binigay ng Diyos siguro at kahit saan man naroon si Ronnie he would be proud of what Panday has become. Babatiin niya ako at naibigay ko ang Panday sa ABS-CBN."

A sineserye - as he prefers to call the TV series - Direk Carlo says it is very different from the original Panday, because of its high adventure and glossy quality but he doesn't mind the change. It's a win-win situation for him. "Magastos yung filming ng orig but compared to Panday the series, the movies have become a poor 2nd dahil dinaig pa nito ang production cost ng movie. Gamit ngayon iba na, high tech. Less glamorous dati. Naiingit nga ako dahil ngayon lang nagkaroon ng ganitong effects. It is multi-dimensional and may iba-ibang kwento sa bawat world." Of course with the new feel and texture of Panday there will be new ideas and new expectations as well.

Now called the "Father of Panday" he was not completely hands-off in its making. "Parang bata yan, once me ibang kamay na nakialam sa pagpapalaki, naiiba ang direction ng buhay. Kaya gusto ko nakabantay. Andito ako para pumuna, mamili at magbigay ng idea. Gusto ko din sanang mag direct for the series but seeing that directors Toto Natividad and Rechie Del Carmen handled everything very well, nagawa nila ang mga gusto ko mangyari. They executed the big scenes as I wanted it to be. Hats off ako sa kanila." And though the series had a pool of writers, he also got very involved in the script writing. "With Panday, there will always be the anticipation of the old crowd yung mga unang sumubaybay sa kanya, kaya they had to pull in the old world. The writers have to meet the expectations ng old fans and at the same time gain a new generation of fans as well."

As for the actors, he has only good words to say specially for lead star Jericho Rosales. "Jericho is the right one for the role. Mas bata pa siya kay FPJ when he started doing Panday so he can even do 3 decades, mas matagal pa kesa kay Ronnie. He is the fittest amongst the young actors his age. Nakita ko sa kakayahan ni Jericho ang nararapat na gumanap sa Panday. Lahat ng artista dito dumaan sa audition and I can say na tama ang pagpili naming sa kanila. Everyone did a good job."

Direk Carlo believes that Panday will set a trend in the action adventure genre, setting new standards and inspiring others to make quality programs and films. He is truly glad with the rebirth of one of his master pieces. Now spanning generations, Panday's fantastic tale will be continued to be told and known even by generations to come.

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