Apr 21
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Host (Rosebud Benitez)

Rosebud Benitez as Host

Gender: Female
First Appearance: First appeared on May 05, 2008.

When asked to describe herself, Rosebud Benitez gave a rather intriguing response: "I am a walking contradiction. A work in progress. My life is like a roller coaster ride. I'm living and loving it."

And there lies the magic of this chef host of QTV's hottest cooking show Quickfire. Her appetite for excitement combined with her natural inclination to flirt with adventure somehow translates in dishes and 10-minute kitchen wonders that not only amaze the palate with their scrumptious flavors but also defy culinary conventions by experimenting on new recipes and putting novel twists to old-time favorites.

A single mom of two, Rosebud identifies herself as a chef, host, artist, dreamer and restaurateur. That last item is yet to see the light of day as she chooses to start a culinary school instead of a diner.

Where does she go from here? Rosebud smiles enigmatically and says, "Whatever comes to mind. It's like the way I cook. I live for the moment. I listen to what my heart tells me at any given time. I respond to my inner stirrings. The result usually is quite delectable. That's how I am when I cook, when I live, when I love."

As for her passions in life, RB sighs. "A lot," she volunteers. "But if our passions are who we are, then my passions really are my kids, my cooking, my friends. I also feel I have a passion for something that is yet to unfold in my life. I feel that life has something great in it."