Apr 18
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Sabel (2010)


When Choleng fell in love with a priest Julio her life darkened when the townspeople got back at her when they found out Julio and Choleng were going to leave their community thinking that Julio would leave his responsibilities in his home town where the village needed help and prayer to heal love ones little did she know that the night they would run away with their soon to be born child to start a new life that a storm changed everything and when Julio gets into a accident leading him to his death one night as Sabel is born and with Julio's death the townspeople think Choleng's daughter is a curse as bad things occur she decides to not argue and refuses and ignores the problems around her she decides to give Sabel a better future by leaving the village and start a new life and when Choleng and her mother Amparo are offered help by a common couple among dearest friends they land a new life in a better community after baby Sabel got sick, but as she grew up she becomes a fighting young woman she fights for her family,and when her mother and grandmothers great fear of her true identity and look for her father Choleng does everything in her power and even falls for Jimmy but Margaret is desperate for Jimmy but her mother refuses Jimmy's true sincerity and love and even offers her to get married and accepts anything that has happened to her in the past but Choleng and Sabel's love for Jimmy and accepting him as a father will only mean to Choleng that she does not want to lose him as for Sabel as she grows up and even for love there is a solace she finds this into Dido and Raymond but time comes again when she will follow into the same situation her mother was in and this time will time repeat its self and the Question is love a sin when one's feelings are true? as she shows the townspeople and people around her that she is not cursed with this life and that life has no meaning without love.

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Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 40 minutes
Premiered : December 06, 2010
Date Ended : March 11, 2011
Number of Episodes : 70
Season Count : 1
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : ABS-CBN
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : [Edit Camera Setup]
Genre : Drama, Romance