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Super Dimensional Century Orguss (2007)

Fighter pilot Kei Katsuragi and his friend Olson go on a mission to escort the deployment of a new space/time oscillation bomb inside enemy territory. Something goes wrong, making the bomb explode and scrambling time, space and different dimensions. Now in a completely alien and unfamiliar environment, Kei meets the Emaan, a group of technologically advanced gypsy traders, and begins his search for a way to restore time and space.

The story focuses on Lt. Kei Katsuragi, a fighter pilot. His mission is to protect a new bomb while it is being planted. The bomb, the Space/Time oscillation bomb. The plans go wrong, Kei has to try and stop the bomb, messes up the settings and the bomb goes off, scrambling time, space and the dimensions. The series follows Kei adventures in this new dimension after he is picked up by the Chiram, a group of techno-gypsies, and his attempt to set the time/dimensions straight. His love affair with the Cute Chiram, Mimsy, produces a child. And the story has only begun. ..

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Also Known As :
* Cho Jiku Seiki Orguss (Alternative Language)
* Orguss
* 超時空世紀オーガス (Alternative Language)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 25 minutes
Premiered : June 11, 2007
Date Ended : September 21, 2007
Number of Episodes : 35
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Japanese
Country : Japan
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Genre : Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction

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