Apr 25
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Tasya Fantasya (2008)

Patterned after one of Caparas' unique masterpieces, Tasya Fantasya is topbilled by today's most popular Kapuso stars; namely Yasmie Kurdi, Rainier Castillo and Wendell Ramos. Also in the cast are Vangie Labalan, Alicia Meyer, Gladys Reyes and Mura. Tasya Fantasya will definitely mesmerize the viewers every Sunday afternoon.

Tasya Fantasya centers on the enchanting and colorful world of Tasya (Yasmien Kurdi), an ugly but kind-hearted sales assistant in an optical shop, who willfully yearns for her Prince Charming's affection. But she quickly finds out that her fate is entangled with that of a magical pair of eyeglasses that will lead her to a series of colorful adventures.

The storyline centers on Tasya, who at a very young age was orphaned and adopted by her abusive Aunt Kelay (Vangie Labalan). But Tasya, being the simple and benevolent person that she is, ignores the awfulness of her aunt.

She escapes from her unpleasant world by spending romantic moments with her prince charming, Donald (Wendell Ramos), the optical shop's handsome model in all her dreams and fantasies. Thus, her bestfriend Mateng (Gladys Reyes) who patiently listens to Tasya's fantasies, dubs her Tasya Fantasya.

Unknown to Tasya, despite her appearances, her loyal friend Raz (Rainier Castillo) has already fallen in love with her. He keeps his feelings a secret, because he is unable to express his love for her. So Raz settles for being the best friend and close confidant, sacrificing his own happiness for that of Tasya's.

But when Tasya discovers an old-fashioned pair of eyeglasses displayed at the shop, her life takes a turn for the exciting as magical worlds are revealed to her. Because every time Tasya wears the glasses, she transforms into a beautiful young lady. But, there's a but. The beautiful Tasya is not in the real world!

Determined to unravel the mystery of the magical eyeglasses, Tasya continues to wear them, experiencing a different world every time she does!

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Status : Cancelled Edit Status
Running Time : 1 hour
Premiered : April 06, 2008
Date Ended : July 13, 2008
Number of Episodes : 15
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : [Edit Camera Setup]
Genre : Fantasy, Comedy, Romance