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Name: edyLocation: queens, new york
Subject: toni 

you keep talking but you don't even mentioned what mariel have said to you. what kind of
mentality is that. and you on the air which was a sign of you being unprofessional. if you have
nothing to say good just don't say anything. do you want to be a high profile celebrity then
act naturally. i give a high respect to Charlene of The Buzz. she makes sure when she
talks she gives respect to any individual. that's the way to go. The Buzz deserves a
host like her BRAVO to charlene. she has a matured and smart mentality.

October 03, 2010 01:37 PM
Name: pwLocation: new york/new yor
Subject: marie/kc/toni and luisRating: 3 stars

i am not a fan of anyone of these people but when i watched and heard all their sides there's
one thing that i want to convey. common you all work for one network and sooner or later you will
cross path to each other. why was it that when mariel was a just a host and was not linked to robin
you guys did not say something. also to be a true friend you should discussed this among yourselves
and settle in a professional way. i head mariel sides last sunday and she said that she can't
say a word to apologize because to her knowldge she did not say anything bad. even if we are just
human beings i guessed you guys just decided to blow her off. i am surprised that robin did not
even made a comment on this when he just mentioned to mariel last aug.7 during the elive interview
with mariel that the movie industry is full of craft that you don't even know where they are
coming from. he was perfectly right in saying that. you guys are so immature or insecure. i am
sorry this is just my opinion and i know us and phils are democratic countries and we have the right
to express our opinions. always remember the joy of living is waking up in the morning and thinking
that everyone loves you. why can't we just love and be happy as we don't know what
tomorrow brings.

October 03, 2010 01:24 PM
Name: Consciencia YuppiesLocation: Makati
Subject: Kris, Junjun Binay, Ruffa G., remember, the "Golden Rule"? 

Watched The Buzz last Sun - October 31, 2009. Hope this reaches Kris. Mr. Binay, Jr. too. I
think a little sensitivity wouldn't hurt. Kris, I - We - think of you highly, being honest,
sincere, intelligent and all. But to make reto someone to Ms. Guttierrez, someone whose wife just
passed away recently, tsktsk. We hope, should you die, James wouldn't be contemplating for
another wife a day later. Or worse (or better?) when you lay sick and dying, he'll already be
cavorting with someone else. Think of "THAT" scenario.
For Mr. Binay, ain't you-
partly - the reason why Ms. Kenelly perished? To have endured the pains of bearing "YOUR"
child and to ultimately die... wouldn't that at least deserve some appreciation, if not much
love, or mayhap at least respect? To recover from a lost love takes years, even not at all. But to
have recovered so soon??? Well, we give you the benefit of the doubt. But in case, that's just
a piece of our mind. or heart.
For Ruffa G., I guess if your the demised wife, you wouldn't
want to be replaced too soon.

November 02, 2009 04:05 PM
Name: Michael Artizuela SibayanLocation: Quezoncity
Subject: good day 

mr.boy abunda,

i been taking a glimpse on ur show.i'm a government model i supposed,but
i've been longing for a break and a relief that only being there in china for a while can give
that.i am looking forward to have a manager who can help me up be there in showbusiness after my
break.i'll be respectful on whatever decisions you may have.

August 03, 2009 03:53 AM
Name: NelsonLocation: Pasay City

The Buzz's episode with Mr. Gary Valenciano, I think, was very inspiring and
heartwarming. I seldom watch showbiz programs like The Buzz or anything similar to it for
that matter, but when I did a while ago, I never expected that such a simple question and answer
portion in the program would get me glued to my seat and shedding tears like I never did for the
past many years of my life. I feel that Mr. Valenciano is one of the more real and really talented
people in the showbiz industry, and the way he answered all the questions that were asked of him
simply deserves our sincerest admiration. Cheers for The Buzz for coming out with such a
great episode today, and hope it will continue to produce more exciting and perhaps more inspiring
materials like this one. Thank you. -Nelson

February 15, 2009 02:04 PM
Name: MonalisaLocation: New Jersey, USA
Subject: Kris Aquino 

I was very annoyed at Kris Aquino's interruptions sa latest episode of The Buzz. She
seems to lack attention and always talks about herself. The most disgusting part is when she
disrespectfully makes a comment about her jewelries while you were talking about a young actor that
just passed away. I am very dissapointed at her behavior and my friends share the same views about
her. Insecure ba siya kay Ruffa?

December 08, 2008 10:36 AM
Name: CassandrasLocation: Hilippines
Subject: CRISTY FERMINRating: 1 stars

Saludo ako sa action na ginawa ng ABSCBN sa pag suspend kay Cristy Fermin, pero kung ako ang
tatanungin at marami for sure ang mag agree sa akin,,alisin na sa network si Fermin, kasiraan sya sa
network at hindi magandang panoorin, pareho lang sila ni Lolit na masamang ehemplo at wag bigyan ng
access para magamit ang devolic act nila. Hindi ba nya inisip kung ano ang effect sa bata na involve
sa away nila ni Nadia Montenegro, madalas nyang sabihin na ,,wag idadamay ang mahal nya sa buhay,,
pinakikita nya ang pag mamahal nya sa ina at anak nya. Bakit? sya lang ba ang anak ng Diyos, bakit
hindi nya inisip ang ganito nung tinitira nya si Nadia on national television na maaring malaman ng
bata , kahit di nakanood, sa school , sa mga kaibigan nito na mag tatanong kung anak ba sya talaga
ng tatay nya, at yung mga kapatid nito, hindi kaya maging masama rin ang effect nito sa iba pang
anak ni Nadia, syang ang pagiging ina mo Fermin at hindi mo naisip ito, at ang masasabi ko, sayang
ang pinag aralan mo, dahil masahol ka pa sa palengkera at mga bold star at artistang nilalait mo,
marami ka ng sinirang buhay ng mga artista, panahon na siguro na manahimmik ka na, at ayusin mo ang
kunsenya mo,,masama kang tao,,nabubuhay ka sa paninira at pag kaladkad ng buhay ng ibang tao..mahiya
ka naman, mas marumi ka pa sa kanila, tumingin ka naman sa salamin..kung ano ang sama ng mukha mo,
sya ring sama ng ugali mo..ABS CBN, please lang, wag nyo ng ibalik yang si Fermin,. tama ng si Ruffa
at Boy , mas magandang panoorin, pra syang bulok na kamatis na hinalo mo sa bagong pitas.

October 20, 2008 04:37 AM
Name: DyLocation: Cebu
Subject: kris 

i always watch boy and kris but the problem is i hated much when kris still asking to the person and
yet the guest not yet finish answering the first question....nakakachaka talaga thats why i better
change the channel into cartoons...

October 17, 2008 05:49 PM
Name: MillieLocation: Orlando,Fl.USA
Subject: The BuzzRating: 1 stars

I don't know the real issue about Cristy and Nadia but I was sickened by everything that came
out from her mouth.There is no explanation whatsoever for her to use the show to tell the whole
world other peoples business.Your show is cheap.I don't know what influence to young peoples
mind is you show.Boy, You are very respectable person,maybe instead of tsismis business, give our
people a show that they will learn something like kabuhayang swak na swak.something that younger
generation will not think that it's okey to be immoral like most of our artista.Pardon my

October 17, 2008 02:05 AM
Name: Joey HernandezLocation: Manila, Philippines
Subject: Sam Milby's new love interest?Rating: 3 stars


Is this the girl Sam left Anne Curtis for? Heidi from Star Circle Magic Batch

September 19, 2008 04:08 AM
Name: TrixieLocation: Davao

what was the song played while phoem ang jobert interview melissa and matt evans today?thanks_

July 13, 2008 11:22 AM
Name: NemiaLocation: San Jose, California
Subject: Plea for ER Help , Iloilo City 

I'm reaching out to Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda,Sharon Cuneta, Gary Valenciano, Rufa G.,Kristy F.
to please help my family & the stranded people in Iloilo, City. I know you all are well known to
help out to those in need.
Due to flashflood, the area is 15ft under water, one of my nephew is
injured. Due to lack of facilities & equipment to use plus the force of the current of the water
made it very difficult for the rescue team to get to the flooded area to mobilize the rescue effort.
I am asking if I could get immediate help from ABS.CBN to lend their helicopters. We are also
seeking help to Phil Air Force, National Disaster Coordinating Center, Int'l Red Cross for help
as well. Address of flooded area in Iloilo: Phase I #35 Camia Street, Petalsville Subdivision, Jaro,
Iloilo City.

With these, I pray In Jesus Name and by the grace of God show us some ways to help

Thank you all, and God Bless.

June 22, 2008 08:43 AM
Name: +Odd EatonLocation: Laguna, New Mexico USA
Subject: O.M.G! 

The OLDEST 10 Commandments found written -in stone,
The ONLY place where the Name of God is found
-anywhere on Earth,
And the FIRST established place of Worship to the Biblical God -in the
is proving to have been located 35 airmiles due SW of Albuquerque at "Hidden
where a circa 6thCenBCE Wilderness Tabernacle site -of Israelite
is going -unrecognized and whats worse
so a nearby
-very enthusiastic LLC, has taken it upon itself to document publicize -even generate a movement of
State Legislation,
for the location being declared
-a National Historical site
-an International
Heritage site
-or at least zoned an Archeology site.
They're currently the best place on the
web for touring the mtn. -point & click
and reading up on the essencial info reported as it
develops -by their resident paleologist...
at- www.gdrocks.org

April 03, 2008 09:35 AM
Name: CplLocation: Us
Subject: Homo voice overRating: 2 stars

I find the bakla reporter doing the voice over in your chismis items (not Boy Abunda!) to be very
IRRITATING. I like watching The Buzz but THE VOICE is is making this TV program sound
cheap. The voice intonation is so ridiculous and sounds so fake, OA and slutty. Please tone
"her" down or better yet, change the voice. Believe me, I'm not alone in this!

March 10, 2008 04:24 AM
Name: Myrna Viar SibayanLocation: Las Pinas
Subject: i love jeffrey villagracia so so muchRating: 3 stars

jeff alam mo ba na mahal na mhal kita? i know until now di ka pa rin naniniwala, but i'm
patiently waiting for the right time, someday mapapatunayan ko rin yan sa iyo... i love so
much!!!proud ako na nakilala kita, proud ako na mahal mo ako!mag ingat ka lagi!!! GOOD LUCK TO

February 15, 2008 10:47 AM
Name: PrivateLocation: Illinois, USA
Subject: re: inteview with CarleneRating: 3 stars

Sobrang napaiyak ako sa story nya, naramdaman ko talaga yung sincerity nya,yung love nya kay dennis
trillo na parang binalewala lang nila,para sa akin sya na nga na agrabyado sya pa ang
idenemanda,sana lang matauhan naman si christine reyes,hindi ba sya nakokonsensya sya na nga nang
agaw ng bf ng may bf sya pa ang may ganang magdemanda,bakit naman sya papatol sa lalaking may
pananagutan na,mahiya naman sya.

November 19, 2007 07:14 AM
Name: BlaiszeLocation: Iloilo
Subject: snooky serna's statement about the most "plastic" stars 

good afternoon po, kakapanood ko lang po ng The Buzz about what ms. snooky said, and it
feels like somewhat "odd" and a sort of "BASTOS" of her to say those words. im
not saying na wala siyang karapatan to share her opinion about who were the "most plastic
stars" in the showbiz, but from her as also a part of the showbiz as well as an educated and
highly respected woman she shouldn't have to say specifically the name of the person, she could
give clues or just keep it to herself. mahiya naman siya kahit papaano, pati bata patulan. i
understand if she was very disappointed about what gerald acted. but in the sense of
"siraan" ang kapwa "artista" she doesn't know na mas "nasiraan
siya" sa mismong sinabi niya. the same as with ms. ai-ai na veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy busy to her
career ay sana 'wag nang patulan ang walang magawa sa buhay at parating iniiwanan ng lalaki (na
si ms. snooky) maybe because of her rude and plaaasssssstic attitude. may God bless you and more
years to come to you MS. SNOOKY SERNA.
i love you before but i deliberately hate you now.
and i
know this is just nothing for you but i'll tell you sinisira mo image mo sa lahat ng tao.

October 14, 2007 12:13 PM
Name: YenyenLocation: Las Vegas, Nevada
Subject: ruffa-ano ba yan...Rating: 3 stars

first of all..i love The Buzz like forever...but then kris aquino came,walang preno sa
kasasalita at wearing OA dresses...and then RUFFA, ano ba yan...bakit na punta ang breed mo diyan
day' You are 2nd princess but that way of dressing, ano ba naman yan..super baduy..gaganda nga
but it doesn't go w/ the show..OA talaga. Puede huwag masyado kasi alam na ng madla kung gaano
ka kaganda...Tingnan mo/niyo naman si kristy permin..ok siya hanggang ngayon...yon land talaga.

July 29, 2007 05:27 PM
Name: Phoebe CruzLocation: Philippines
Subject: About wendy!! the truth about herRating: 3 stars

Repost: Tungkol kay Wendy
Message: is this true?? though im not watching PBB...

Facts about
Wendy Valdez
> i think even if how hard we try to
> hide our real "mukha"
lalabas at
> lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU
> (my school too) the main reason
> she passed her mascomm degree is
> because she ****ed (sorry for the
> our
professor last february. (this is
> true we have pix and cams) inside the
> speech
laboratory all schoolmates
> this. She said shes went to japan as
> dancer...it is
true but she works in
> prostitute house there and is charged
> $150 (pls convert to yen)
a night.
> Shes had controversial issues in FEU
> before about her story because she
denied this when called to explain
> herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag
> background check sa
students for
> school image) sabi ba naman niya "i
> went to japan as a cultural
> may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy
> ng mga customer?(confidential
> from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is
> a good person but trust me when i say
this. she should not deny the fact of
> her past so she can gain advantage
> over other
people. SHe is NOT POOR.
> her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM
> (62) named Hakimoto Ikita
who gave
> more than a million pesos. After she
> got the money she enrolled
> AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003.
> and left her lover to rot in Japan.
while she was with the JAP guy. she
> was engaged sexually with my cousin
> T.H. Morales.
also a student in FEU.
> reason they broke up. He caught wendy
> in bed with another DOM. It
is sad to
> admit that my cousin is a shabu
> and so is wendy.they have
> with drugs and after they have loud
> *** ( i should know my cousin lives
next to me i can hear them). I am not
> against wendy or anything...and im
> happy
that this might be her next step to
> changing her bad ways of using people
> for money...i
am just sad that she
> keeps
> on making herself look "nakaka awa"
> other
people on tv so she can get
> votes. i just want her to be real and
> honest of who
she is...she is hiding
> from a beautiful face and a sexy
> body...
> all i want is her
> I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice
> to fall for someone like
> you shes an evil genius. she has her
> ways of convincing people to
> her...
> through her lies and many faces. i
> after big brother and shes
> will never look at bruce the same way
> like shes trying to portray now.
> has used a lot of people already...i
> know miss M guidance councelor.
> sometimes
shes saddened of wendy's
> personality problem and wendy being a
> user.
> if
you found this article rude...my
> apologies
> if you found this article
> thank you
> im hoping that the true PBB housemate
> deserving to
win should win...but i
> hope
> wendy won't coz she is not deserving
> to
> thank you...
> Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

June 24, 2007 07:40 AM
Name: Trixie RiveraLocation: Manila, Philippines
Subject: Gretchen & John 

I just want to comment about Gretchen and John, I think Gretchen is not a good example. First of
all she is a slut. Mayabang at matapobre, kung di dahil kay Tony Boy naku sa kangkungan siya
pupulutin kc naman di naman siya marunong umarte no. Mukha lang nya ang puhunan nya. I would say
Gretchen Barreto is a Homewrecker (re: Bong Revilla) also, she is a slut!!!! No wonder why ayaw sa
kanya ng future mother in law nya (hilaw) kasi nga dahil sa kalaswaan nya no. Di na nahiya sa anak
nya. If i were you Gretchen dont shit in your own backyard. Kung manglalake ka, punta ka ibang
bansa doon kayo magdyugdyugan ni John at least walang picture na kakalat ayan tuloy may evidence di
ka marunong magtago eh. Sabagay what comes around goes around ayan na Karma ka tuloy.

June 08, 2007 02:21 PM
Name: Marisel EmertLocation: Portland, Oregon, USA
Subject: comment on Martin's son's baptismal 


I just want to comment regarding Martin's conduct during his son's baptismal. He
was visibly chewing gum while his son is getting baptized. The event was a sacred one and should be
taken seriously and with respect. After seeing that on TV, it totally changed my impression on

By the way, Kuya Boy and Tita Christy are truly great. They have good sense of teamwork
when hosting. More power to you both!


May 29, 2007 07:08 AM
Name: NoraLocation: Pampanga
Subject: LJ REYESRating: 1 stars

Sana magsabi siya ng totoo..hindi yung sinisiraan niya ang ibang tao..mabasa niya sana ang dyaryo na
HATAW na sinulat ni Cesar Pambid na hindi totoong na harassed siya ng isang pulitiko sa Pampanga...

May 10, 2007 03:09 PM
Name: Myrna Viar SibayanLocation: Las Piñas City
Subject: i miss kris aquino so so so much!!!!!!!!Rating: 3 stars

im praying so hard for the fast recovery of mrs kris aquino yap... kulang ang life ko without her...
kris get well soon ha !!!!! love na love kita. love ko din si josh and baby james.

April 23, 2007 01:46 AM
Name: Cherelyn Colombari LomLocation: Singapore
Subject: I do respect you kris 

hi kris,
i relly do respect you us a mother and wife,you are such a good host,you comment direct to
the point,you ask questions with no fear and thats what people should do at the industry that youare
in,(i think).I'm amaze to the courage that you have to pass trials in ur life.I'm trully
sad about the trial that u are going tru now,I know u & ur baby wii be fine at the end.Isue
regarding your husband,i know hurts nd i know it's hard but isues like that,it's part of
marriage,you just need to trust and forgive if you think that it's wort it.Your husband is good
looking,some girls will do everything to jeprodize your relationship just to have him,don't let
them put you guys down.Here in singapore there is alot of girls like "hope"even more bad.I
really admire you for the way,you are solving your problems.You have a wonderfull family who are
suporting you and good friends like kuya boy.You really inspired me alot,it's hard to find a
person in the philippines like you and boy abunda.You are maybe ma artelike other people say about
you,but so what????being ma arte its part of being a woman.Nobody can judge you for what you are
because if your that bad you will not be that succesfull.Thank you for the happines that you are
giving to my son when he is watching GKB & DEALORNODEAL(he is 16 months),thank you for making my
sunday complete for The Buzz,nobody can replace you in that show.I hope to see you soon in
your shows.Rest and dont give up,so many people are waiting for you to get back.

goodbless you
& to ur family..
be saafe
cherelyn colombari lom

March 19, 2007 08:50 PM
Name: Hope Aquino YapLocation: Quezon City, Philippines
Subject: hope, james, kris and abundaRating: 3 stars

This brouhaha about kris hurting from james' infidelity should not be foreign to kris having
gone thru a number of affairs with different sizes of men even contracting VD (uugh pity james
really). james you are doing ok. have a good time with hope because she is really good in bed. i did
some time with her too and i tell you man her pussy really smell like bulgari unlike kris' cunt
who have gone thru different sizes of cookie cocks. did you enjoy sucking her clint. soooo gooood
man. and boy abunda, you hippopotamus looking cock sucker. you have no business telling people to
stop talking about kris situation because you, kris and cristy fermin do not respect other
peoples' sensitivities. you take advantage of every individuals' weaknesses you fucking
assholes. when on tv, your fucking big mouth talk like shitting frogs but when one of your lot gets
into trouble like kris, you tell everybody not refrain from talking about it. GAGONG WARAY KA ULOL.
Wait for your turn you asshole rumor monger cock sucker. Malapit ka na ring pagusapan tarantadong
baklita ka

February 22, 2007 12:31 AM

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