Apr 25
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Ulingling (2007)

Now on its seventeenth season, Daisy Siete presents the story of three dark-skinned women who have been together since the day they were born.

The three women, Rochelle, Sunshine and Mia, all came from Zambales. One was the daughter of an Aeta, another is the daughter of a GRO impregnated by an African-American, and the last is the daughter of a woman who liked too much dinuguan. But whatever the situation of their birth was, the three came together in a relocation center -- and they were never separated ever since.

Adopted by a kind social worker, the three grew up thinking they were sisters. And when they showed exceptional talents, their adoptive mother decided to bring them to a school that would hone their skills more: a school where they would become the butt of everyone's jokes.

But if others think the trio would take it lying down -- they've got another thing coming at them.

Meet the protagonists of today -- they can be hurt, they can be loved, but most of all, they can fight for what they believe in. Follow their lives as they learn how the real world works, and how the heart can look beyond the surface, to fall in love with the person within.

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Also Known As :
* Daisy Siete: Ulingling (Complete Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 35 minutes
Premiered : November 19, 2007
Date Ended : March 28, 2008
Number of Episodes : 93
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : Multi-Camera setup
Genre : Drama

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