Unang Hirit

Such is the standard opening and closing spiel of the wackiest and smartest gang of hosts that ever graced morning television. Led by seasoned radio & television broadcaster Arnold Clavio, Unang Hirit has become a daily waking up habit for a growing segment of early boob tube tuners.

Its news magazine format makes it the ideal “pampagising” especially as candidly delivered by the angels – sizzling Suzi Entrata-Abrera, adventurous Lyn Ching-Pascual and the beauty & brains Rhea Santos. Completing the cast are the show’s equaly engaging men – heart throb Drew Arellano and radio & television newsman Daniel Razon. And how can you miss Arnold’s alter ego, the lovable, mischievous Arn Arn.

Anyone who has watched Unang Hirit at least once would admit that it is a show that is close to the hearts of Filipino viewers. It offers humor and information in a happy, healthy balance --- from hard news and current issues, to special interest segments on travel, health, fitness, housekeeping, child rearing, to showbiz and entertainment, and to almost anything and everything that would catch anyone’s fancy.

Now on its fifth year on air, Unang Hirit has phenomenally captured a growing viewership ranging from socio-economic masses A to E, male & female, aged 1 to 100. With the unwavering commitment & dedication of the people behind the show that has helped people jumpstart their day. Unang Hirit promises to be, the morning show to beat & the best morning show on Philippine television.

Also Known As
First Strike (Alternative Language)
UH (Abbreviated Title)
Running Time
3.75 hours
December 06, 1999
Number of Episodes
Season Count
TV Station
Unang Hirit April 19, 2010 Episode Aliwan Festival 2010 Olympics Para Sa Mga Visually-Impaired Unang Hirit April 21, 2010 Episode Unang Hirit April 26, 2010 Episode UH Serbisyong Totoo: Lingap sa mga Nasunugan Clean-Up with Stars sa City of Stars Iron Man 2 Mini-Convention
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