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Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (2007)

Based on the highly-popular Shaider of the 80s, Zaido takes off from the heroics of Shaider, a born-warrior from outer space who defeated and thwarted the universal invasion of Le-ar, king of the Kuuma and bringer of endless suffering to all he conquers.

Under the protection of the great Shaider, peace and security was restored all over the galaxy. Yet many years later, the special elite protectors of the entire universe called the Galactic Force received information that Le-ar has returned to power. It will now be up to Shaider's descendants, in whom his skills and bravery live on, to defeat Le-ar once and for all. So begins another chapter in this story of valor, and a new generation of “Pulis Pangkalawakan” (space sheriff) will be introduced.

Dennis Trillo topbills this new primetime blockbuster as Gallian, who was the first to become a Zaido, the highest rank of 'Pulis Pangkalawakan.' Gallian lost his parents because of Le-ar's evil conquests and was then adopted by the Galactic Force. He has extraordinary skills in combat because he has the blood of a hero, and as Blue Zaido, head of the Zaido, he was tasked to look for other Zaido all over the world to help him fight for the safety of the universe.

Here he meets Alexis (Marky Cielo), who comes from a poor family. He witnessed the tragic death of his father, and has since vowed to help destroy evil. He became a policeman, just and dedicated to bringing peace and order, yet is often ridiculed by his more corrupt colleagues. When Gallian finds him, Alexis shall become Green Zaido.

Gallian also comes upon Cervano (Aljur Abrenica), who grew up surrounded by wealth. In spite of being proud, conceited, and short-tempered, he is a winner among the girls because he is a champion swimmer. Yet something will happen that will test just what he is made of. When Gallian locates him, Cervano will become Red Zaido. Together, Gallian, Alexis, and Cervano shall form the Zaido, Pulis Pangkalawakan.

The three Zaido will engage in intensive training under the leadership of Commander Zion (Ian de Leon), head of the Galactic Force. Also joining them in the Galactic Force Academy are Lyka (Karel Marquez), Commander Zion's daughter who teaches in the Galactic Force Academy and assistant to Gallian, with whom she shares a forbidden relationship; and Amy (Kris Bernal), a Galactic Force Academy student whose affection will be fought over by Alexis and Cervano. Will these brave warriors be able to save not just their loved ones but the whole world from the powerful evil that threatens them?

The cast of Zaido features a powerhouse ensemble of the best and most respected names in television, led by Raymart Santiago as Alvaro, Alexis' older brother who was led to live as an outlaw upon their father's death so he could provide for the family, and was later mysteriously kidnapped by unidentified men; Tirzo Cruz III as Ramiro, who served as the new head of the family after the death of Alexis' father, yet under whose kind actions lurks an untrustworthy character; Diana Zubiri as Carmela, Alvaro's girlfriend until he disappeared, and who would later meet and fall in love with Gallian; Dion Ignacio as Thor, Alexis' cousin and colleague in the police force who has done nothing but make his life miserable, and who would pursue Carmela when Alvaro disappears; Lovi Poe as Mona, a news writer who is Alexis' childhood friend and who has a secret love for him; Robert Villar as Oggy, Alexis' younger brother; and Ms. Lorna Tolentino, in a very special role as Helen, loving mother to Alexis, Alvaro, and Oggy who protects a dark secret involving one of his sons that would change the destiny of the Zaido.

Making this incredible and awe-inspiring series even more colorful are the stars who play the cunning and formidable villains, led by Jay Manalo as Drigo, Le-ar's field commander who leads the Kuuma in attacking the world; Paolo Ballesteros as Ida, grandson and adviser of Le-ar and high priest of the Kuuma who was hailed as the most beautiful being in the universe but whose soul is rotting underneath his flawless appearance; and making up the feisty Amasonas are LJ Reyes as Amasonang Lila, Iwa Moto as Amasonang Itim, Melissa Avelino as Amasonang Rosas, Arci Muñoz as Amasonang Puti, and Vaness del Moral as Amasonang Kahel.

Directed by Dominic Zapata, Zaido boasts of a world-class production, from the exciting cosmic story to the state-of-the-art props, costumes, and set design by Rodel Cruz and the Creative Native studio; stunning visual effects by Riot, Inc.; and awe-inspiring stunts. GMA-7's production group went to galactic lengths just to bring to life the new Pulis Pangkalawakan that everyone would look up to.

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Also Known As :
* Pangkat Pangkalawakan (Working Title)
* Pulis Pangkalawakan (Promotional Title)
* Shaider (Working Title)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 56 minutes
Premiered : September 24, 2007
Date Ended : February 08, 2008
Number of Episodes : 100
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Tagalog
TV Station : GMA
Country : Philippines
Picture Format : NTSC (480i)
Audio Format : Stereophonic Sound
Camera Setup : Multi-Camera setup
Genre : Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

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