Apr 18
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Zen Hernandez

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Name: EfrenLocation: Cagayan
Subject: Ms. Zen 

I hope to see more frequently in the t.v. Seeing you in person would be a privilege. your beaty is captivating.

May 11, 2011 04:56 AM

Name: Jogazen DenokLocation: Quezon City
Subject: GANDADOODYRating: 2 stars

u are beautiful to my dreams zen, you always make me smile in the night when i watch tv patrol, ur gorgeus and anonymous! here's to our fusture ms zen, i hope u like me - Estong

March 16, 2011 08:55 AM

Name: Wowlegs 
Subject: yummy zen!Rating: 3 stars

Certified YummyPinay! ;)

September 20, 2010 10:47 PM

Name: Jener AnonuevoLocation: Miami Florida
Subject: i love zen....Rating: 3 stars

shes great and very good reporter.she deserve something for her greatness..maybe she could be an anchor in primetime news...more power...

July 16, 2010 06:12 PM

Name: DietherLocation: Worthing, England
Subject: i admire ms zenRating: 3 stars

Hi zen, just to let u know u always made muy day evetime i;m watchin u on the tele. I like d way u give the report, ur projection, ur eyes and ur cute smile. U catch my attention evrtime i saw u wearing yellow or red shirt it really suites u..Hope and pray that u will be one of the correspondents of ABS-CBN here in LONDON so that i can see u in personal..take care my sweetie.

April 08, 2010 05:35 PM

Name: Jary C. VillanuevaLocation: Bacolod City
Subject: Zen Hernades BeautyRating: 3 stars

Ah, Basta ako wala na makalampas sa beauty mo sa t.v. kahit si Korina. Wala na talaga!

March 23, 2010 03:27 AM

Name: PrincessLocation: Muntinlupa City
Subject: cuteRating: 3 stars

ms.zen ag cute mo nman on tv.gud luck and godbless..

March 19, 2010 04:53 PM

Name: RainLocation: Catanduanes,philippines
Subject: you're so sexy..Rating: 3 stars

i was stunned everytime i watch you on tv...my gf jealous about you..coz most of time i talk about you even we are in dates i hurried to go to watch you on tv..you had lots of admirers..i know how you stunned us by your beauty...im glad to watch you every now & then..god bless you...is shes still single?

March 03, 2010 02:06 PM

Name: KareenowanLocation: Dubai
Subject: WoWRating: 3 stars

Everyday I hurried home from office just to watch TV Patrol on TFC because of her. I like the way she puts Monalisa smile on camera after her segment. Good day and God bless to all!

March 02, 2010 05:08 AM

Name: Oliver NolascoLocation: Daly City, Ca
Subject: Zen HernandezRating: 3 stars

I watch TV Patrol World Monday to Friday at 6pm. You are a really good newscaster. Keep up the good work. More power to you and ABS-CBN. I hope to meet up with you when I visit the Philippines next time. Have a nice day.

February 23, 2010 11:27 PM

Name: Katt 
Subject: hiyeeRating: 3 stars

ms. zen you're so beautiful! just saw your account in fb and i hope we can be friends.. thanks! take care!

January 02, 2010 08:07 AM

Name: KrizmerLocation: Novaliches Quezon City
Subject: hi 

ang galing mo sobra ang ganda pa hehe crush kita!

November 26, 2009 01:18 AM

Name: TeenLocation: Calamba City
Subject: elow po,Rating: 3 stars

im just wondering, and i just want to know how is it working in front of camera and ill just want to ask wer did you finished your college degreee? tnx po☻

November 19, 2009 11:40 AM

Name: Norwin Paul LaraoLocation: Tanza Cavite
Subject: Hi Zen....Rating: 3 stars

hello Zen, i want to say na ang galing mo mag dala ng news or mgreport ng news keep up the good work more power to you and god bless......

November 02, 2009 09:27 PM

Name: SamLocation: Cainta Rizal Philippines
Subject: crush ko cyaRating: 3 stars

ang ganda nya...i'm wondering if she's still single...

October 15, 2009 05:22 PM

Name: SydfreyLocation: Iligan City, Philippines
Subject: Hello Ms. HernandezRating: 3 stars

Hi! I watch TV Patrol World almost every night and I really always await your personal report because I really like you a lot. I really quite admire you a bit, especially the way you do reporting.
Anyway, wishing you all the best Ms. Hernandez and I hope I get to meet you in person.

October 09, 2009 11:42 AM

Name: SjLocation: Cebu City
Subject: Wish ko lang...Rating: 3 stars

Hi Zen, I think you're so sweet, humble, brave,smart, thoughtful, industrious and loving kind of person? Are you? :-)
I wish I can meet here in Cebu someday.

Take care always idol...

September 27, 2009 03:28 PM

Name: Gregory 
Subject: Thanks for your KindnessRating: 3 stars

I was visiting Manila a few weeks ago and attended the memorial for President Aquino in Makati. Thats where I met Ms. Hendandez. She was kind emough to take a picture with me. I hope to be able to contact her and share that picture.

August 14, 2009 07:34 AM

Name: James GerzonLocation: Cebu City
Subject: Good reporter and prettyRating: 3 stars

GUDDAY....i lyk da way she rports coz she has the impressions and expressions that i lyk and wanted....i hope that we'll meet sumday....She's my inspiration.... I want to know more about her...

April 11, 2009 03:37 AM

Name: RonieeLocation: G.m.a Cavite
Subject: crush kuuuuu!!!!Rating: 2 stars

I like the way she doin she cannot forget to fix her self, everyday i'm watch her in tv patrol she is so beautiful........
She is my inspiration on my studies, i wish someday we meet each other!!! Gudluck, more power and don't forget to be beautiful......

February 06, 2009 06:54 AM

Name: Junry ManjaresLocation: Paraaque
Subject: hi ms. zen 

hi,i am junry manjares,just wanna ask u if you are a wife of my long lost friend godofredo hernandez? if u are plz. tell his plz call me at 851 6206. tnx godbless

January 30, 2009 11:13 AM

Name: DennisLocation: Makati City
Subject: ms. hernandezRating: 3 stars

zen has a power in news reporting. nakapagbibigay siya ng emphasis na natatandaan ng viewers. as radio reporter kasi isa sa ayaw kong topic ang business, pero pag napanood ko kay zen parang simple lang sa kaniya yung issue. sa'kin kasi mas ok yung police and technology reports.

January 23, 2009 03:03 PM


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