Apr 20
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Alma refuses to be interviewed for Dolphy’s biography

Alma refuses to be interviewed for Dolphy’s biography

Author: Ethel Ramos
Column: Studio Whispers

Alma Moreno reportedly refused to be interviewed for the book about Comedy King Dolphy which is being written by Bibeth Orteza. Eric Quizon, one of Dolphy’s 18 children, is helping Bibeth write the book and is also its publisher.

A chapter involving Alma and the other women in Dolphy’s life is surely a must in the biography. In Alma’s case, she and Dolphy were not merely lovers but had a child, Vandolph, now married.

So far, according to Eric, they have interviewed Lotis Key (remember her?), who is now based in the US with her husband. And, would you believe, even Pilar Pilapil?

Yes, former beauty queen and actress Pilar Pilapil and Dolphy had a past.

Still trim and pretty, Pilar is in the cast of the ABS-CBN teleserye, "Lobo," starring Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin. She is now married, too.

Pilar had just finished her term as Miss Philippines when she was paired with Dolphy in a movie which was shot in Madrid, Spain.

The inevitable happened. They fell in love.

It is said that at that time, the two were so in love that they wanted to get married. But Pilar’s mom was adamant and stood her ground. Pilar was only 17 then and there was no way her mother would consent to the marriage.

Dolphy never had a child with Lotis. Eric is his son with Baby Smith, known to moviegoers in his time as Pamela Ponti. She and Dolphy lived together as husband and wife for sometime. Aside from Eric, they have three other children: Ronnie, Madonna and Epy.

All four children of Dolphy with Baby finished college. Eric is a holder of a Bachelor of Science (Major in Biology) degree from the Ateneo University.

Manny, Freddie, Edgar, Rollie and Sally are Dolphy’s children with former LVN star, Gracita Dominguez, who died last year.

With Zsa Zsa, who Dolphy said is to be the last woman in his life, he has a daughter, Zia. They also have an adopted child, Nicole.

Dolphy has never been married.

Eric plans to launch the book, to be titled "Hindi Ko Narating Ito Na Nag-i-isa," before his dad’s 80th birthday on July 25.


Twenty-one-year-old Marvin Raymundo feels blessed to be part of the all-male group Coverboys, seen every Sunday in "ASAP" on ABS CBN.

Aside from Marvin, the members of Coverboys are Jake Cuenca, Zanjoe Mar-udo, Rafael Rosell, Jon Avila, Victor Basa, Will Devaughn, Ron Morales and John James Uy.

They are mounting their first concert, "Coverboys: Uncovered," at the Music Museum on May 9 and 10. Marvin said they are going to perform hot, sizzling and scorching production numbers in it.

Will they appear in the buff?

"Just you watch the show," Marvin teased. "Basta we are willing to ‘uncover’ ourselves, if necessary. And for our following’s delight and entertainment."

Marvin was 17 years old and a student when he decided to become a ramp model. Although busy with his modeling career, he made sure that he finished his studies. He is a Human Resource graduate.


This Saturday’s episode of "That’s My Doc" (6 to 6:45 p.m.) is more exciting and interesting because of the opening of the Barangay Center called Care Mo, Care Ko.

This project has long been a dream of Doc Aga (Aga Muhlach), as, he believes, it will help him and Greta (Lara Quigaman, who plays a nurse) to teach the children of Tabuneknek about good health.

Major Ret (Roderick Paulate), however, wants to get credit for the center, as he claims he offered his former sports store to be the site for it.

The guest in this particular episode is Aiza Seguerra, who will play a Reyna Elena in a Santacruzan.

By the way, Aiza will soon record an album for a big recording company in Singapore.

The other members of the cast of "That’s My Doc," directed by Danni Caparas with Mark Gile as executive producer, are Bayani Agbayani, Pokwang, Nova Villa and child stars Celine Lim, Jairus Aquino, Sophia Barrs and Bronson

Source: Malaya