Apr 17
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'Apat na Sikat' now

Author: Joey Aquino
Column: Just Asking

IF there was "Apat na Sikat" during my time, there is now what you call "apat na sikat na love teams. "

The former composed of Maribel Aunor, Dondon Nakar, Winnie Santos and Arnold Gamboa; while the latter consists of the love teams of John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo, Richard Gutierrez-KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual-Angel Locsin and Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera.

Among today's screen couples, John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo and Richard Gutierrez-KC Concepcion have already made it at the box office.

The movie "A Very Special Love" has made John Lloyd and Sarah the box-office love teams; but it was immediately overshadowed by the success of Richard-KC movie "For the First Time. " Both seem to be the movies to beat at this time. And even the two love teams are unquestionable thus far.

Now, the pressure is shifted to the love team of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin as they are now filming their first movie together tentatively titled "Land Down Under. " Whether they like it or not, they have to meet the expectations of their movie studio Star Cinema given the success of the aforementioned movies and love teams. While their TV team-up in the teleserye "Lobo" was a bit successful, they have yet to prove that their reel romance will bring more money to the producer.

This early, their horseback riding is now being hyped as if it's something new to watch. The publicity slant is even on the insurance angle. Would people care for that?

Another popular pair under public scrutiny is that of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. No doubt about it, they enjoy the phenomenal success of their teleseryes "MariMar" and "Dyesebel. " Add to this the success of their jampacked-concert "Let's Celebrate" held at the Araneta last week. They could have filled the big dome to the rafters. But that event was open to the public for free as their way of saying "thank you" to their fans.

Unlike John Lloyd-Sarah and Richard-KC, Piolo-Angel and Dingdong-Marian are now challenged if they too are hits on the wide screen. If they can also pack the cinemas full house; then they deserve to be on the list of today's young superstars.

After all, television is free and cinema is not. So, would Piolo-Angel and Dingdong-Marian click in the movies? Just asking...


AFTER Marian Rivera has been hailed as this year's FHM Sexiest Woman, it's Dingdong Dantes who is now reportedly on the list of 25 Sexiest Men of the World by E! Entertainment, one of Hollywood's largest and most popular networks.

What a coincidence that both Dingdong and Marian are admired as the country's sex god and goddesses, respectively.

Dingdong has become the object of desire by most Pinays. His sexy body is all over - print, billboard and TV. He even stirred controversy out of that centerfold pictorial he did for Cosmo last year. And he teased all the way in the Bench's "Blackout" fashion show. So, he deserves the honor, I guess.

But, why is he not on the list of Cosmo's Top 10 Sexiest Men for 2008? Just asking...


IN showbiz, no matter how a star is supported and backed by network, there still seems to be "kulang. " And that's the support and acceptance of the "masa. "

One example of this mold is Rhian Ramos. She may have the beauty and brains; yet she lacks mass appeal. That's the reason why she does not click.

Rhian's cute sip of soda float in a burger commercial covered her way to a showbiz career. There she was immediately paired to Richard Gutierrez. Big projects were offered her by GMA - even bypassing other Kapuso talents. Now, she is the lead star of her own teleserye "LaLola. " Her packaging reminds me of how Sharon Cuneta was packaged. They both come from de buena familia. But Sharon has that sweet and "masa" appeal. That's why "masa" love her and made her the Mega Star that she is today. And that's the big difference.

But no matter how she is being packaged, Rhian's "sosyal" image is hard to be pushed into the minds of the "masa" viewers. Sabi nga nila, kahit inaapi na ang karakter niya mukhang siya pa rin ang nang-aapi.

Rhian seems to get all the meaty projects. Well, these days it's not what you know; but it's whom you know that prevails.

So, is Rhian an example of stars with the right connection? Just asking...

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Source: People's Journal