Apr 18
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Ara Mina: Back to her old, bold ways in 'Selda?'

Author: Walden Sadiri

Wholesome. That is what actress Ara Mina has become after the trend of sexy movies died a few years ago. But with her latest movie "Selda," Ara is reported to be going back to where she started -- baring skin!

"I feel that I've been wholesome for a long, long time and I don't know if I still remember how to do it," laughed Ara Mina. "Medyo may steamy scenes kami ni Sid Lucero because we're in a relationship and then after that, we'll get married. I really asked myself if I still remember the love scenes I did in the past."

According to the director Paolo Villaluna, she really had Ara Mina in mind for the female lead of "Selda."

"During our casting stage I asked who was really a good actress of this generation who could bare a little and at the same time has the prestige factor needed. We thought that Ara Mina can be the partner of Sid Lucero... literally bare a little meaning hindi siya magpapakita ng di kailangang makita," he said.

"Selda" is Ara Mina's first independent movie and she is excited about it. For her, it's a challenging endeavor after spending most her time acting on television and performing in concerts abroad.

"It's been a while since gumagawa ako ng ganun and first time ko pa makakasama si Sid. I've worked with Emilio Garcia already pero mas challenging ang role ko dito. Who knows, I could do more daring stuff than what the director wanted... I really missed doing movies. Last year I didn't have time to do movies and I missed acting to the max! I'm very happy with this challenging role," she exclaimed.

But how far would she go in terms of baring and being daring again?

From filmmakers Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos, "Selda" tackles the life of Rommel (Sid Lucero), a young man incarcerated because of murder. Inside the jail he becomes close to Esteban (Emilio Garcia). Their closeness is sensed by Sita (Ara Mina), Rommel's girlfriend who suspects them to be more than friends.

When Rommel was reformed and released from jail, he married Sita and lived in the province with their daughter. When Esteban got out of jail he tracked down Rommel because he wanted them to fulfill their promise of never forgetting each other. What ensued then is trouble in Rommel and Sita's lives especially when their daughter dies as a result.

What Paolo Villaluna wants to show moviegoers through the film is the true nature of love whatever or regardless of sex and gender.

What's Ara's expectations?

"After seeing 'Ilusyon' I was impressed with his shots. I feel that you'll see a different Ara Mina in 'Selda' because he directed me. I'm looking forward to how the film will look after we make it," said Ara of Paolo.

As for Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos, Ara Mina with Sid Lucero and Emilio Garcia is a "miracle cast" because they were their first choices and they all said yes to the project. They believe too that since they had a power cast, they only needed 24 hours of immersion inside the Muntinlupa jailhouse to learn how they live and act.

"We're doing this para malaman nila how they talk and relate with each other. It is also so they'll have an idea of the geography of the bilibid...we've rented one jail block for the shooting and we would fill it up with theater actors. We were assured of the security too because we'd be shooting on the basketball court and in their canteen," Paolo explained.

When Paolo Villaluna was writing "Selda," he was writing it with Gael Garcia Bernal as his main actor. And after finishing the screenplay, he found Sid Lucero to imbibe the spirit of the character he wrote for Gael and his ambition to mount the said film. "Selda" is produced by Leo Dominguez and Rodel Fernando with Josephine Saba as executive producer.

Aside from "Selda," Ara Mina is still busy with shows abroad. She's scheduled to return to the States again before the year ends for a series of concerts.

She also stars in Manny Pacquiao's film as a TV news reporter who was kidnapped by rebels. A comedy-drama film, Ara is excited to be acting alongside the world renowned boxer!

"I'm just very happy that I have these projects. Thank God I'm doing movies again," Ara Mina concluded.

Source: The Manila Bulletin