Apr 17
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Body Talk with Janver Daily

Body Talk with Janver Daily

Author: Ricardo F. Lo
Column: Funfare

Meet the newest "sensation" on the Internet, sleeping like a log au naturel, seemingly lingering in a beautiful (erotic?) dream.

Janver Daily. If the name sounds familiar, it's because he's the boyfriend who allegedly tried to stop Ethel Booba from entering Big Brother's house, an accusation which Janver vehemently denied. Or was it Ethel who was reluctant to leave Janver behind?

Discovered by talent-manager and part-time actor Iman Esturco at a mall in Baguio (where Janver finished high school and started a course in Hotel & Restaurant Management at the University of Baguio), Janver is sixth among eight children of an Irish father and a Filipino mother (an insulin-dependent diabetic).

"I didn't have any acting experience but I found Kuya Iman's offer too tempting to turn down," said Janver who was introduced in the indie film Troika (menage a trois involving two men and a woman, promoted with a coffee-table book featuring the stars in the nude) and went on to tackle the role of Dodong in the stage musical Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah. "The original choice (Lauren Novero) backed out. I auditioned and got the role (which was played by Alfred Vargas in the movie version). "

Said Iman, "Janver got good reviews, both for his acting and his singing. It was a good start. "

He has just finished the shoot for the indie film Roxanne (co-starring Sheree and Jay Aquitania), directed by Jun Lana, in which he does a lip-locked kissing scene with Jay (as a closet queen). He's also in the cast of Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara, the new ABS-CBN scare-series topbilled by Susan Roces and Kris Aquino (who said that Janver looks like Gardo Versoza, although other people say he looks more like John Regala). Several weeks ago, Janver fought as an undercard (vs. Jon Hall) in the ABS-CBN reality-TV Mano-Mano (won by Jordan Herrera), a stint that left him with a sprained shoulder that rendered him poorer by more than P30,000 in hospital fees, medication and therapy.

"I help street children," volunteered Janver who grew up a street kid (but that's a long story that needs to be told some other time). Everytime I have extra money, I help street children. "

Janver turned 21 last Jan. 8 (Capricorn). He's six-flat tall; weighs 190 lbs. (from 210); and wears medium-sized briefs and 12. 5-inch shoes.

How did you prepare for Mano-Mano?

"I did 'sparring' with my brother at home and worked out on my punching bag at home. Everything was done last-minute so I had only two days to train. "

What about your diet?

"Even before I started training, I avoided too much carbo. My mom is diabetic and usually the children inherit the illness, di ba? I am on a regular less-sugar/less-salt diet. I eat mostly camote and chicken minus the skin. For breakfast, I have oatmeal with a little non-fat milk. For lunch, a little rice and vegetable, preferably brocolli, my favorite. My favorite fruit is apple. Then, I take a light dinner, sometimes only a sandwich. I hardly take snacks. "

How much liquid do you take per day?

"About six glasses of water. But I should really take at least eight. Softdrinks? Not much. "

What vitamins and/or minerals do you take?

"Vitamin C and B-Complex. "

How much sleep do you take per night?

"Six hours. I'm now staying in San Pedro, Laguna, with my brother while I'm recuperating from my sprained shoulder, and we usually stay up late watching DVDs. I make up for lack of sleep by taking power naps. "

Favorite sleep wear?

"Boxer shorts topless. When it gets too hot, I sleep in the nude. "

Do you talk in your sleep?

"I don't. "

Do you snore?

"Not all the time; only when I'm very tired. I sleep with three soft pillows under my head, one on top of the other. "

What's the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

"I pray. "

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

"Do push-ups, but not now that I have a shoulder injury. Then, I brush my teeth and have coffee. "

How do you cope with stress?

"I sing. Staying in the province is very relaxing. "

What about your workout?

"I work out at a gym (in San Pedro) three times a week. "

What part of your body is your favorite?

"My nipples. They have rings. The piercing was painful but once they healed, ang sarap ng feeling na may rings. They tickle. "

What part of your body do you think needs improvement?

"My abs. The doctor advised me to take a  complete rest. I haven't been working out, so I began growing abs. I will start working on them as soon as I fully recover. "

And what part of your body is most vulnerable?

"My head. When I'm under pressure, I get a headache. "

What do you think is your most attractive feature?

"My eyes. .. sabi nila. "

What part of a girl's body do you notice first?

"The eyes. And the butt. "

How's your nightlife?

"I seldom go out at night. "

Do you drink?

"Moderately. "

Do you smoke?

"Moderately. "

Love life?

"Dull. "

Who was your girlfriend before Ethel Booba?

"Juliana Palermo. "

Sex life?

"I get by. .. by myself. Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

"Fast! But I linger in the shower, more than 40 minutes. It's hot in Laguna, kaya masarap mag-shower. "

Who's your favorite fantasy figure?

"Ara Mina. .. with me on an island. Just the two of us. "

Name three other women you think have nice bodies.

"Juliana Palermo. Riza Santos. Rhian Ramos. "

And three men. ..

"Cesar Montano. Jon Hall. Will Devaughn. "

Using only body language, how would you make a woman know that you admire her?

"I don't look at her. I pretend to ignore her. "

So who took that nude photo of yours?

"I have a suspect but I still have to find out who put it on the Internet and who circulated it in the cell phone. "

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Source: The Philippine Star