Apr 21
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Celebrity predictions from Madame Rosa

Author: The Philippine Star

My religion tells me not to consult fortune-tellers. I have to admit, however, that there were some occasions when I allowed a couple of psychics to look into my future and, yes, even into my past. (I was supposed to have been a labor leader in America who was shot dead at 35 in my past life. )

Actually, some of our more popular psychics are friends of mine. One is Rene Mariano, who is a really nice fellow. Then, of course, there is my personal favorite, Madame Rosa (born Rose Virginia Diaz in Bago, Cebu, she was a social worker with the Department of Social Welfare and Development before she went full time into psychic readings. )

Very few people probably remember this, but Madame Rosa and I started on TV together. When Showbiz Lingo was launched in August 1992, she was the program’s resident psychic. About a year later, however, she was moved by ABS-CBN to Teysi ng Tahanan. But that didn’t stop us from communicating with each other. During my low moments, I would call her up – not necessarily to ask what’s in store for me in the future, but to inquire what’s wrong with my part of the universe.

Eventually, I lost contact with Madame Rosa. I think the last time we saw each other was in late October 1997 – when Showbiz Lingo did a Halloween episode. Then, last week, I saw a full page ad in this paper with her picture. It was actually a PLDT advertisement regarding the telephone company’s new premium services.

PLDT, it turned out, is offering new services to clients. By dialing PLDT Fortune Hotline 1-908-333-888 (this is open 24 hours), you can have your horoscope read or psychic sessions with Madame Rosa and Jojo Acuin. (P10 per minute. ) Or perhaps you can have astrology sessions with Prof. Luis Archie Cortez.

Those who have love problems, on the other hand, may consult with Joe D’Mango or with Dr. Margie Holmes if you have problems concerning sex by dialing PLDT Lovenotes 1-908-143-444. (Just check with the PLDT print ads that should come out again any day now for the schedules of Dr. Holmes, Joe D’Mango and other psychics. )

Meanwhile, we asked Madame Rosa to take a look and see what’s in store for some of our showbiz personalities this year:

Nora Aunor – The year 2001 may have been bad for her, but she’ll try to make up for it this year by concentrating on her singing. In fact, she’s going to have a lot of concerts abroad. About her love life, well, she’s going to have a new romantic interest this year.

Vilma Santos – Whatever movie (this must be Dekada ’70) she’ll be releasing this year, will be a big hit in the box-office. As Lipa City Mayor, she needs to implement more new projects to make her even more beloved among her constituents. With regard to family matters, Vilma will have her hands full this year dishing out advice to son Luis Phillip regarding problems of the heart.

Sharon Cuneta – She’s going to conquer the international recording scene this year. The megastar will also have a successful movie and an equally successful concert in 2002. But the best news is she’ll have another baby soon.

Maricel Soriano – The Diamond Star will finally experience romantic happiness. She’ll also have a successful film at the box-office before the year ends. Maricel, however, should take care of her health.

Rosanna Roces – She’ll be doing a movie to be financed by foreign producers. There will be a sudden change around May.

Jolina Magdangal – She will have a series of successful concerts here and abroad. She’ll also introduce new lines of Jolina dolls.

Judy Ann Santos – She should focus on her health. She will do a movie that will be shot abroad and, at long last, find the right man for her.

Kristine Hermosa – She will have problems concerning love and family relationships.

Alma Moreno – There will be a miraculous recovery concerning her illness. She will be successful in her business ventures. Problems regarding relationships will be resolved.

Pops Fernandez – There will be romantic confusion in her life. She will be doing concerts abroad.

Martin Nievera – He will be doing a lot of concerts abroad (with Pops?).

Jericho Rosales – One of his films this year is bound to win international recognition.

Dolphy – There will be harmony in his relationships. He will also feel relieved with the fast recovery of Vandolph.

Joey Marquez – His political strategies will be very effective. He will be doing a film this year.

Richard Gomez – A new television show to be launched this year will be successful. He and Lucy will be blessed with another baby.

Aga Muhlach – He will have a lot of movie projects this year. Like Richard and Lucy, Aga and Charlene (Gonzalez) will have another baby.

Diether Ocampo – Affairs of the heart will be a bit messy. A film he will be doing this year will win an international award.

Source: The Philippine Star