Apr 25
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Cesar, Sunshine building a 'conjugal' house in Bohol

Author: The Philippine Star

Are Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz setling down in his native town, Baclayon, Bohol, after their planned wedding maybe late this year or early next year?

It seems so because, according to Funfare's "cross-country" DPA, Cesar often brings Sunshine to Baclayon to check on the progress of a "modest house" he's having constructed in the outskirts of the town where the Manghilots (Cesar's real surname) hail from.

"They are such an item everytime they're here," reports the DPA who never fails to drop by a souvenir and pasalubong shop owned by Cesar's relative when he happens to be in Bohol (can't get enough of the breath-taking view of the Chocolate Hills, you know). "The townspeople love Sunshine and have obviously welcomed her as 'one of them. ' At-home na at-home na si Sunshine in Baclayon; she's at ease with Cesar's relatives and townmates. "

In fact, the DPA adds, "The Baclayonons believe that Cesar and Sunshine are already married. It's a known fact among Cesar's townmates. It's not a 'public secret' at all, unlike in Manila where movie-watchers are made to believe that, yes, they're just going steady but are yet to get married. "

There's a report that Cesar and Sunshine actually got married in rites officiated by a minister of a Christian fellowship of which Cesar is a member, but the couple is denying it to death. That "marriage," if it ever happened, is not valid, though. It will have to be legalized in civil rites and formalized in a church wedding where Sunshine hopes to wear an Eric Pineda gown.

The good news is that Sunshine, who's thinking of not really retiring but slowing down on showbiz work, is fast winning the hearts of Cesar's two children, Angelo and Angela, by his late wife. You see, although Angelo is friendly toward his future stepmother, he hasn't quite accepted the reality that he'll soon be having a new mother. Sunshine admitted in interviews that she's having some "difficulty" winning Angela over, but she'll succeed sooner than later. After all, love conquers all, doesn't it?

Guess who Kris' new admirer is

Speaking of love (or a semblance of it, anyway), did you know that Kris Aquino has an ardent admirer (not really "suitor") in April Boy Regino who's showering not only Kris but her son Joshua expensive gifts (tokens of unexpressed love, ehem?).

A few days ago, Kris was floored when April Boy showed up on the set of her ABS-CBN show Today With Kris Aquino to invite her as his special guest at his forthcoming concert. Kris very gladly said, yes, she'd go. And then, April Boy handed a neatly-wrapped gift to Kris whose eyes popped out in disbelief when she opened it. Inside was a set of diamond earrings and bracelet easily worth P35,000!

Weeks earlier, Kris got a big bundle, also beautifully wrapped, from April Boy. What was inside the big box? Yes: A big toy car, worth P16,000, good enough for two kids. What a coincidence, said Kris, suspecting that she and April Boy must have communicated by mental telepathy.

"I'd been planning to give Joshua exactly that kind of toy car," said Kris, "but I was telling him to wait until I got my paycheck because I didn't want him to think that he could have anything he wanted in the wink of an eye. And then. .. "

Well, April Boy beat her to it.

When Kris' mom, former President Cory Aquino, heard about the gifts, she good-humoredly commented, "He must be in love with you!"

April Boy is said to be married and have kids, so Tita Cory's comment was a motherly joke. You know naman how "allergic" Tita Cory is to married men linked to Kris. Anybody but!

I wonder, how does Kris' estranged loved one Phillip Salvador feel about this?

Amused, too, I supposed.

(Flashback: April Boy's fascination with Kris is reminiscent of the same feeling the late Rene Requiestas had for his leading lady Monica Herrera on whom Rene showered jewelry gifts. Rene and Monica never went beyond friendship, though, and neither will Kris and April Boy, I suppose. But then, you can never tell. Who can?)

'Ties' at Star Awards

"Ties" are not a monopoly of the critics' Urian Awards, it seems. In the roster of the Philippine Movie Press Club's (PMPC) Star Awards, which gave out its 2000 awards last Saturday night, there are several "ties," too, to wit:

* Nida Blanca (Sana Pagibig Na) and Vilma Santos (Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?) in 1999 for Best Actress

* Maricel Soriano (Separada) and Dawn Zulueta (Buhay ng Buhay Ko) in 1995 for Best Actress

* Christopher de Leon (Gaano Kita Kamahal) and Phillip Salvador (Masahol Pa sa Hayop) in 1994 for Best Actor

* Maritess Gutierrez (Bulaklak ng City Jail) and Sarsi Emmanuelle (Boatman) for New Movie Actress of the Year 1985

* Katrin Gonzales (Ano ang Kulay ng Mukha ng Diyos) and Christopher Paloma for (Inday Bote) Best Child Performer in 1986

* Jesus Navarro (Ikaw Pa Lang ang Minahal) and Augusto Salvador (Lucio Margallo) for Best Editing in 1993

* Gil de Leon and Leopoldo Salcedo as Ulirang Artista awardees in 1992

* And now, Glydel Mercado (Sidhi) and Rufa Mae Quinto (Dahil May Isang Ikaw) for Best Supporting Actress

With his win as Best Director (Bulaklak ng Maynila), Joel Lamangan has just "tied" with Lino Brocka as the directors with the most number of Star trophies. Brocka won for Kapit sa Patalim (1986), Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (1991) and Sa Kabila ng Lahat (1992). Joel's two other winning pictures were Pangako ng Kahapon (1995) and The Flor Contemplacion Story (1996).

The actress with the most number of Best Actress trophies is Nora Aunor, with four (Merika, 1985; Andrea, Paano Ba ang Maging Ina, 1991; Ang Totoong Buhay ni Pacita M. , 1992; and The Flor Contemplacion Story, 1996).

Second is Vilma Santos, with three (Pahiram ng Isang Umaga, 1990; Dolzura Cortez Story, 1994, and Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa, 1999). And third placers, with two each, are Lorna Tolentino (Maging Akin Ka Lamang, 1988; and Narito ang Puso Ko, 1993) and Jaclyn Jose (Private Show, 1987; and Itanong Mo sa Buwan, 1989). Jaclyn also won two Best Supporting Actress awards (Macho Dancer, 1990; and The Flor Contemplacion Story, 1996).

Christopher de Leon dominates the Best Actor category with four wins (Biktima, 1991; Ipagpatawad Mo, 1992; Gaano Kita Kamahal, 1994; and Madrasta, 1997). He also won as Best Supporting Actor (for Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak ) in 1991. Phillip Salvador is second placer with three (Kapit sa Patalim, 1986; Masahol Pa sa Hayop, 1994 and Ka Hector, 1995).

Source: The Philippine Star