Apr 25
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Coco Martin, walang plaster sa 'Masahista'!

Coco Martin, walang plaster sa 'Masahista'!

Author: Billy Balbastro
Column: Take Billy

FINALLY, Locarno (Switzerland) winner, Dante Mendoza�s much-festival-traveled movie Masahista is now in selected theaters dowtown and this gives us a chance to see the film which won accolades abroad.

I got to see at long last, Coco Martin�s big movie break (after his small role in Agimat three years ago) which won the award at Locarno and accolades in Toronto from Western film critics and Pinoys there.

Masahista also filled up theaters in Chicago and Vancouver early this month that another screening was added. And weeks before its first screening in Vienna, Austria, tickets were sold out.

Now from Vienna, it goes to Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium in A Look Apart program. Later this month to its fifth festival this October, to Sao Paolo International Film Festival in Brazil (Oct. 21 to Nov. 3).

While critics and patrons of film enjoy the Philippine scenes and rituals plus the typical Pinoy story of family and responsibility in Masahista, I say a little prayer that this small but well-crafted theme can find its audience here at home.

After all, Masahista was made with the Pinoy audience in mind and its good fortune abroad is merely incidental. A good box-off ice is surely a pat on the backs of people behind the movie for a well-made film which won honors for us abroad.

Direk Dante achieves in capturing the Christmas atmosphere of Pampanga and its parols, the burial and mourning tradition of Pampanga, the family relationship akin to Pinoys.

With apologies to fans of Harry Potter, Spiderman and Lord of the Rings, this small, well-crafted and well-acclaimed film is ours.


To play the role of a masseur, Coco Martin (Rodel Nacienceno in real life; birthday: November 1, 1984) says a week of "massage lessons" from the experts and a two-day tour of selected massage parlors.

No, he wore no plaster in his "sexy scenes" in the movie. "Ayaw ni Direk," he says. "Kaya bahala na ang cameraman sa akin."

If Masahista is a big break for Coco who first made Agimat three years ago as part of Jolo Revilla�s crowd, he isn�t new to the cameras since he has been a commercial model and product endorser for sometime.

The commercials he made include Smart, Coke, 7-11, Lux, Alaska and Mitsubishi Adventure. He also was in a PLDT commercial which Jeffrey Jeturian directed.

Masahista is also a significant movie for Katherine Luna, the instant star of Mario O�Hara�s Babae sa Breakwater.

The Pinoy film which made it to Cannes in May 2004 made an instant star out of Katherine who won two acting awards � at Cinemanila International Film Festival in July 2004 and at New Delphi filmfest in August 2004.

Surprisingly the actress is wanting of film assignments until now. She carries the reputation of being unprofessional. It�s a good thing that she is cast in Masahista, her second movie to make it to the festivals of the world.

Masahista also features the male star of Babae sa Breakwater, Kristoffer King.

Veteran stars of films which have made it big in the festivals of the world are Jaclyn Jose and Alan Paule, both being Brocka stars.

Jaclyn was in Macho Dancer (Toronto, 1989), Itanong Mo Sa Buwan (Amiens, France, 1995), Private Show (1986, Chicago), Flor Contemplacion Story (Cairo and Toronto, 1995).

Alan was in Macho Dancer, his first movie, Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya (Toronto, 1997).


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MILESTONE: Birthday greetings to Edward Antonio on his 50th birthday today from his family, friends and office staff. He is the president and manager of Integrated Skills Consultants of Valenzuela City.

Source: Abante