Apr 21
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Ellen’s magic touch & ‘miracle white cream’

Author: The Philippine Star

I’ve been passing by Ellen Lising’s "whitening center" along Timog Avenue, Quezon City, day in and day out, and I got a chance to actually enter it two weeks ago when Jobert Sucaldito invited me to have lunch with Ellen (who, I was to discover, learned the so-called "tricks of the trade" – beauty secrets, skin care, etc. – from the late Dory Acuna who was, in the late ’50s and early ’60s, the counterpart of today’s Ricky Reyes, the make-up artist/hairstylist of the stars).

I dared Jobert, "Only if Ellen can ‘whiten’ the black ring around my left elbow," something that had been bothering me for years (no thanks to the pressure of daily deadlines which made me, and dozens of other editors, rub our elbows against the typewriting/computer table).

You see, I’ve tried all sorts of ointments, both foreign and local brands, to no avail. I was resigned to having a "blackened" left elbow the rest of my life, until. ..

"Try my Miracle White Cream," said Ellen while showing Jobert and me around her new, three-storey "whitening center" which is where several stars go not so much for some "whitening" treatment as for some other beauty routines (removal of laugh lines and other procedures described as "Ellen’s magic touch"). "I guarantee that in one week," Ellen assured me, "that that black ring around your elbow will be gone. "

True enough, more than 70 percent of the black ring was gone in, as Ellen guaranteed, one week. I applied the "miracle white cream" twice a day (in the morning after shower and at night before bedtime).

I’ve passed on that cream since then to June Torrejon who, I noticed a month ago while she and her mom Elsie and I were waiting for our respective PAL flights (they to San Francisco and I to L. A. ) at the PAL Mabuhay Lounge, also had black areas around both her elbows. (She has asked for an additional small bottle and I told her to buy it at Ellen’s place. )

Anyway, if her Miracle White Cream does work, I became curious what else Ellen’s starry clientele does aside from their regular doses of Ellen’s "magic touch. " Here are five of them (and their beauty secrets):

• Melanie Marquez – She’s careful with her food intake, avoiding fatty foods and eating mostly veggies – and drinking lots of water. As soon as she has recuperated from a recent Cesarian section, Melanie will resume her regular gym workouts. "I also walk a lot and do the stationary bike," revealed Melanie. She takes vitamin E. She doesn’t apply anything on her face but makes it a point to undergo facial cleaning (at Ellen’s, of course) once a month.

• Alma Concepcion – Like Melanie, she eats mostly veggies and fruits and drinks plenty of water. And she exercises a lot, too.

• Daisy Reyes – Same routine as that of Melanie and Alma, and same diet. Being a busy businesswoman (aside from an actress-singer), Daisy follows a hectic schedule that makes her miss and/or forget meals. "Good," she jokes. "That way, I don’t gain weight. "

• Elizabeth Oropesa – Same gym routine, same diet, same "positive attitude" in life.

• Rochelle Romero (1998 Mutya ng Pilipinas and part-time actress) – No beauty regimen, except washing her face with soap and water to remove dirt and other irritants. Like Jennier Lopez, she uses lots of moisturizers, especially before she goes to sleep. She’s not a "gym buff" but thanks to her metabolism Rochelle hardly gains weight even if she seldom works out and "eat anything I want. "

Oh, well, it goes without saying that the common denominator of these five beauty-queen-actresses is, yes, Ellen Lising.

(Note: For inquiries, call 413-3375. ) Letter From Manoling M.

I received a lot of reactions to my piece on my late mother (Learning to mourn – and to let go, Funfare Oct. 10 issue). I’m still sorting out the letters/e-mail and I’ll soon put out some of them. But first, here’s the one from Manoling Morato (with an "appeal" to Funfare readers for the lyrics of a song which he sings up to now in his continuing grieving process):

Dear Ricky,

After reading your article on the loss of your beloved mother, I was compelled to tell you that I feel the same way you do for we both lost our dearly beloved mothers a little apart of each other.

I was so touched by your column and felt deeply everything you said that I had to write you this letter.

Ricky, how difficult it really is to lose a mother. It is so hard to verbalize the pain one feels.

Nagbabang luksa na rin kami kamakailan lamang, but her memory remains as vivid as before.

We must brace ourselves up, Ricky, because this pain will go on forever.

As Christians, we can easily accept the spiritual separation. But you will agree with me that it is so hard to accept the physical separation from a dearly beloved.

I continue to feel my mother’s presence every minute of the day up to now. I continue to relive the life I had with her every fleeting moment, without openly showing the feelings gnawing inside of me.

I know that you are going through the same sadness and loneliness.

I can only pray for our mothers’ souls and for God to give us strength to accept the reality that they will never, never again be with us to feel their love, their warmth, their caring embrace, to see their smiles, to hear their soothing voices.

We can only console ourselves, Ricky, with the thought that we both gave them all the love, care and attention when they were still living with us.

We have nothing to regret in that regard. We must always thank God for giving us the chance to care for them and for strengthening our hearts for them.

It is now our duty to tell those who still have their mothers around to love them, to obey them, to respect them and to care for them. And, of course, their fathers as well. They must consider themselves lucky.

Someday they will get to know and understand how we both feel today. They may not understand us now. But the day will come, sooner or later, when they will realize how right we are to feel the way we do now.

– Manoling

P. S. Ricky, there is a very beautiful old song that I quietly sing to myself in my grieving. Please help me complete the lyrics which I have forgotten. I can only remember some lines of it. Perhaps, your friends in the entertainment world can help. It goes this way:

I’ll see you in my dreams

Hold you in my dreams

Nature took you out of my life

Still I feel the warmth of your smile.

Ricky, even these few lines always make me cry. This song brings back vivid memories of my life with her. Besides, I want to keep her memories close to my heart throughout my life.

(E-mail reactions at rickylo@philstar. net. ph)

Source: The Philippine Star