Apr 25
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Kris Aquino’s foot fetish & more foot-in-mouth remarks from politicians

Author: The Philippine Star

Something’s afoot between this photogenic couple – the vivacious single mom Kris Aquino and eligible showbiz bachelor Carlos Agassi. The Philippine STAR recently chanced upon the pair, looking lovingly at each other’s feet.

Business, like the topsy-turvy worlds of politics and showbiz, can make two different individuals into strange bedfellows. Since the ex-presidential daughter had agreed to this exclusive interview, this writer had to put his best foot forward and promised to refrain from asking her difficult queries, such as why did an intelligent and beautiful woman like her fall for a footloose playboy such as Mayor Joey Marquez, or why did she bear a child with the much older and married actor Phillip Salvador?

So this interview was confined to just light banter on the mundane topic of feet. Despite her showbiz public image of flamboyance and frivolity, Kris Aquino – on the few occasions that I met her, mostly in funeral wakes of prominent people – appears to be a level-headed celebrity who has both of her feet firmly on the ground. Feet Passion Or New Love? Has our crisis-weary country been plunged into an epidemic of foot fatigue? In recent months, numerous foot massage establishments have sprouted throughout Metro Manila, the way the lechon manok or shawarma craze hit a few years ago. In Quezon City alone, there are quite a number of them including the Pinnacle Health Pointe Spa on Scout Torillo Street near Timog, Urban Escape Spa and Wensha Spa which offer the best foot massages. In Malate, there are the Regent Foot Spa at Pan Pacific Hotel, MTO Foot Spa, and Joy Foot Spa beside Aloha Hotel on Roxas Boulevard.

In September, Kris Aquino kept a low profile as her turbulent and headline-grabbing love affair with a married mayor ran its course. She quietly partnered with Carlos Agassi to open their first-ever business venture called Foot Trip at the ABS-CBN compound in Quezon City. Is this just a clever ploy to hide a new love affair, to keep this romance away from country’s world-class propensity for tsismis? Both Kris and Carlos claim that their relationship is purely platonic and could go no further than a common "passion for feet. " Remember, foot massages supposedly have aphrodisiac effects on people.

Kris says, "We’re best friends. "

Carlos adds as if on cue, ". .. And business partners. "

What is so important about our feet, why this interest in foot massage which was pioneered thousands of years ago by ancient Chinese herbalists? Kris says, "Actually, between Carlos and me, he is the one who is more inclined towards the health part of foot massage. My major concern is really the cleanliness of the feet, the aesthetic part of foot spa. I have a fetish for clean feet, and of course, nails. "

Carlos replies, "The feet are the windows to our body, in the same way that the eyes are the windows to our soul. We can remedy certain parts of our body, especially our internal organs, through the pressure points of our feet. "

On their going into business, Kris adds, "We did it simply because we wanted to address our passion for feet, and since we are both subject to so much stress, we know how a good massage can help people relax. "

The business of pampering the feet has become so lucrative for Kris and Carlos, they are already planning new branches, including one in Glorietta to open in December. Carlos excitedly adds, "Hopefully in time for my birthday! And another branch in Greenhills hopefully in time for Kris’ birthday on February 14. We will also add new services in the future, something that people should watch out for. "

When asked about the top priorities in their lives, whether it is looking for romance, their showbiz career, their business or family, Kris and Carlos unhesitatingly reply, "Family, of course. "

In an impromptu survey this column made on whose beautiful feet would our top political and business leaders would wish to massage, their wide range of answers are (not in order) – Tennis player Anna Kournikova, Sharon Cuneta, Ara Mina, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Loren Legarda-Leviste, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Donita Rose, Vina Morales, Rosanna Roces, Joyce Jimenez, Assunta de Rossi, Claudine and Gretchen Barretto, and Lea Salonga. Several business people gave names of various supermodels including Sports Illustrated magazine bikini models, as well as Asian actresses like Gong Li of China. ‘Foot-In-Mouth’ Disease Afflicts Many Of Our Political Pigs All this stimulating talk about feet inspired this writer to ponder the roller-coaster history of our jueteng republic from the foot perspective. Who are our national leaders with the guts and moral courage to put their foot down on the shenanigans of shameless politicians and bureaucrats? Isn’t it tragic that President Gloria Arroyo is respected for her work ethic but often chastised for her public temper tantrums and her being ineffective in putting her foot down on corruption in our government, bureaucracy, even the military and police organizations. Did the shameless directors of the Public Estate Authority (PEA) like this certain ex-Congressman Rudy Tuason of Samar jump to their feet to resign when she asked for their resignations due to the Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard scam? When will we see President Gloria Arroyo kicking out political heavyweights in her administration who have failed in their duties instead of just taking photo-ops with petty criminals? One Achilles’ heel or weakness of our President is the public perception that she has so many political debts that she cannot kick start real reforms to cleanse the government.

Who are the wise, selfless and visionary leaders who have left indelible footprints in our national history? Who are past and present leaders known for playing footsies with the corrupt private lords? Will we ever find leaders to fill in the giant shoes left by the intellectual and moral giant but not physically tall Dr. Jose Rizal? Can enough idealistic and optimistic individuals make a decisive difference in the life of the nation, so that the people can have real hope and not migrate overseas by the thousands every day? Can we ever find political leaders who possess the humility of Jesus Christ which is emulated every year by the Pope and Cardinal Sin, when they wash the feet of their followers in a gesture of humility and public service?

There is this anecdote on feet told to me by a Zamboanga politician about his grandfather’s childhood encounter with Dr. Jose Rizal in Dapitan, Mindanao. The boy asked: "Dr. Rizal do you have holes in your underpants?" The exiled hero replied: "No, of course not!" The boy then asked again: "How then could you get your two feet through and wear your underpants?" On another occasion, this same boy ran to medical doctor Rizal and said: "Doctor, doctor, how can I stop my nose from running?" Rizal smiled and allegedly replied: "Stick out your foot and trip it. "

A young politician told the Philippine STAR that this tradition of politicians being afflicted with foot-in-mouth disease must have started with Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, who was famous for his declaration: "I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos rather than a Philippines run like heaven by Americans. " Unfortunately for the well-meaning Quezon, a lot of political pigs have literally fulfilled this prophetic line.

Another world-famous example of the foot-in-mouth disease by our political leaders was the infamous statement of then Senate President Jose Avelino in angry response to controversy about corruption: "What are we in power for?"

A prominent lady senator from a respected business clan once stoked controversy with her remark: "The rich do not steal. "

The world-famous First Lady Imelda Marcos had sincerely replied to Western media queries on Philippine mass poverty, saying that the poor masses are happy with their smiles, that they love her for being their "star and slave. "

Although I have since gained respect for her maturity and eloquence, then teenage actress Janice de Belen once had her own foot in her mouth with her nationally televised remark on her becoming pregnant with fellow actor Aga Muhlach outside of marriage, saying that God was with them when they "did it. "

Hollywood actor Marlon Brando in 1952 played the movie role of the Mexican peasant revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata. Writer John Steinbeck won an Oscar award for best screenplay for this film and Anthony Quinn got an Oscar nomination for playing Zapata’s brother Eufemio. A passionate democracy advocate and an enemy of the corrupt landed oligarchy, the rebel hero Zapata once uttered a famous feet quote that should serve as a wake-up call to our politicians: "It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. "

A young businessman asked: "Was the late Senator Ninoy Aquino afflicted with foot-in-mouth when he said that the Filipino is worth dying for?" This writer replied that the vast majority of the people are not hopeless, the Philippines and its future is not hopeless, but it is the many among our benighted, selfish, narrow-minded and corrupt political pigs who are hopeless and who should be roasted in their own oil like lechon (but not as delicious and delectable as the real pigs). * * * Thanks so much for the surprisingly huge number of cell phone numbers and e-mail messages that single ladies commenting on the overstaying bachelor column left. All will be answered. Please send suggestions, comments and jokes to wilson_lee_flores@hotmail. com or wilson_lee_flores@yahoo. com or P. O. Box 14277, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Source: The Philippine Star