Apr 25
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Life after hurdling greatest fear

Author: Joey Aquino
Column: Just Asking...

AFTER their grueling but memorable experience in the show "Pinoy Fear Factor", the six eliminated participants are ready mixing it up with their new challenges in life.

With their journey in the show, they have learned a lot especially in dealing with unimaginable situations. LJ, Doc Elmer, Jose, Phoem, Ram and Gail are much stronger now and are ready to mix it up with everything. "I can go home able to say that I gave my all in every stunt. I was able to face all my fears, and that alone is a big achievement for me," said LJ after being eliminated. The actress turned preschool teacher LJ Moreno is the sixth participant to be eliminated from PFF.

Elmer who was booted out before LJ was thankful for being part of the show and gaining friends with his co-participants. While the all exclusive guy in Jose, who dreams of becoming a future cook, says he was disappointed with his fate in PFF, "I'm embarrassed because I'm supposed to stay being the leader of the 'pump squad. " He was referring to the activity in which he was the head of the group.

For the alluring Phoemela Barranda, whom we see almost everyday in TV Patrol and with her regular stint in The Buzz, promised herself after the elimination, "Pag-uwi ko, mag-aaral akong mag-swimming, mag-bike, at mag-aalaga ako ng ahas. " Then came the hulking guy in Ram, who lost his grip and slammed to the waters from a moving helicopter stunt entitled as "AcroBasias en Helicoptero. " The goal for this stunt is to stay in the air without touching the water in which the latter failed to achieve. With regards to the sexy gal in Gail, "Malungkot ako. Pero sa experience kong ito, masasabi kong masaya na ako na hindi ko ine-expect na kaya ko palang gawin 'to. Sinubukan ko naman, pero siguro it's not my luck," says the ex Mossimo Bikini Summit winner.

All of them will be regarded as winners. May it happen that they did not reach the pinnacle of surviving all the challenges, but gained a lot of courage and will from this fulfilling experience in which they were able to meet along the way.
With what they gained, will they bring this in reality in their respective lives? Just asking...

DOES Pops Fernandez keep us all guessing? With her previous relationship with Concert King Martin Nievera, to her new-found love, Jomari Yllana, and now, their planned reunion concert with her ex and produced by the current, truly now she might be.

It is known that Martin and Pops will have a concert come February 6 at the Araneta Coliseum. And to think, it is also a pre-Valentine concert at that. Seemingly an unusual event if there will ever be one, is these attempts of Pops just a gimmick just to make stories and be controversial?

In The Buzz last week, asked if the concert queen could turn back the hands of time having it her way, and the choice if she would want her relationship to work and not allow it to have fallen apart, the latter answered in quoting her, "Siyempre naman, because kumbaga hindi sana nangyari. Before we got married, I was really so excited. We fell in love at a very young age, and I was 19 noong ikinasal ako. Siyempre, kumbaga, in your mind, this is the one, this is it. I wouldn't ask for anything more. I want a perfect family. Siyempre noong nangyari 'yun, it's not what I expected and I really tried to hang on. So,'yun ang dream ko talaga ever since. Maski na bago ko pa ma-meet si Martin, ang dream ko talaga as a little girl, and I think most little girls dream of that di ba? A picture perfect wedding and a picture perfect family. "

Having been in a situation such as Pops' is something that would make someone feel lost and probably must have left behind all the pain. But having considered the children, things may be measured sometimes. And taking into account the bonding and realizing that things are different when you decide upon things when you are still young is also a different story.

Sometimes people tend to decide upon for the best circumstances possible especially when things are damaged once. Trying to make life much more serene for others that would benefit everyone is a healthy even if things aren't the same anymore.

Having said this, what really is in Pops' heart? Is she still longing for the past and use the present at the same time? Just asking...

Jericho Rosales, the so-called Asian heartthrob is in primetime TV once more as he joins the already all-star cast of the hit teleserye, "I Love Betty La Fea. "

Aldo, which is the character that he will be portraying upon will try to make Betty fall for him. The star of the teleserye, "Kahit Isang Saglit" and the movie "Baler" with the best actress Anne Curtis will grace the TV screen with Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. Will he be crushing the mushy tandem of the latter? Just asking...

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Source: People's Journal