Apr 25
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Marian 'invades' Dingdong's bedroom

Author: Aster Amoyo
Column: If I Know

A VERY enthusiastic and glowing Dingdong Dantes faced the entertainment media during his official launch as Goldilocks' latest endorser. According to the heartthrob, he wants to start 2009 with much positivism.

"I must admit that there are some bad things that happened to me in 2008, but that's water under the bridge now. What's essential is that it made me realize I'm just human like anyone else who is subject to committing mistakes," DingDong avers.

The dashing actor gives his opinion on the prediction that because of the controversy he figured in with Marian Rivera late last year, his popularity will hit a low this Year of the Ox.

"Actually, I don't believe in predictions. I am the one who's creating my own destiny. For one, I feel so excited with the opportunities and challenges in store for me this New Year. This is the reason why I feel more inspired to give my best in everything that I do professionally. Apart from being the new face of Goldilocks, Marian and I have started taping for our next soap titled "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang. "

Dingdong said he feels challenged with his new role in the drama series.

"The role of Homer is different from Sergio (in MariMar) and Fredo (in Dyesebel). The first two are aggressive characters while Homer is a character that builds up as the story progresses. At the first phase of the story, he is nerdish and quiet and leads a boring life because everything around him is in order until the character of Marian invades his bedroom. That instigated the big change in his life," he informs.

This 2009, the public is waiting for his admission if he and Marian are truly an item.

"You know, I respect the fact that people have speculations. Marian and I are not here to prove anything. In the first place, it's not our priority to put our friendship into a higher level. What's important is that for now, we know we're okay. We respect and understand each other. "

Can he say that like their roles in "Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang," Marian brought chaos to his seemingly peaceful existence?

"Not actually. Let's just say that she added color into my life," Dingdong said with a meaningful smile.


IT'S official. Paolo Contis' new apple of the eye is EB Babe Lian Paz.

This was confirmed when the two recently made a guest appearance in "Startalk. " Paolo said they are "going there" while the camera caught their palms tightly entwined. According to the versatile actor, he knows that Lian is receiving a lot of flak of late because of this issue and he pities her. He stated that this endears Lian more to him.

The two were seen in Boracay during the long Christmas break. They were very sweet to each other. According to the rumor mill, they were also together in Macau for a short vacation prior to their Boracay sojourn. It can be remembered that it was on the first week of December 2008 when news of Paolo's break-up with Isabel Oli came out.

Speaking of Isabel, reports have it that the lovely star refuses to make any comment about Paolo and Lian because she's still healing or mending her broken heart. Many admire her for being transparent in saying that she's still in the recovery period.


DEFINITELY, Cherry Pie Picache need not prove anything when it comes to acting. The numerous awards she received in the previous years could attest to her topnotch skills. That's why she is always considered for meaty parts, the latest of which is ABS-CBN 2's "Tayong Dalawa" where she plays another challenging role as Gerald Anderson's suffering mother.

But did you know that given the choice, Pie will choose money over acting trophies at this point in her career? This she admitted at the press conference for the said Kapamilya soap.

"Actually, I hope the people will not misinterpret me. No offense to the award-giving bodies that recognized my works in the past. But I'm sure they will agree with me when I say that showbiz works in a different way here in the Philippines.

"In Hollywood for example, when you consistently collect acting trophies, your fee also gets higher. Here, it's not the case, especially when you're aging. Chances are, your salary decreases. That's why, whatever blessings I have now, I savor it. Not all actresses in contemporary times get blessed with juicy parts. I'm lucky.

"That's why when I was asked one time, I firmly said I would choose money over awards this time for practical reasons. I guess I'm already done with prestige," she says with a laugh.

She is tagged nowadays as local soap's slap queen. It can be remembered that in her previous shows, she slapped Susan Roces and Gloria Romero. Now she'll be doing the same to Helen Gamboa in "Tayong Dalawa. "

"Oh, no. Not that title. But seriously, I'm lucky because all of them are actresses in the real sense of the word. Tita Susan, Tita Gloria and Tita Helen, like me are members of the old acting school. For the betterment of the scenes, we don't mind being slapped or what. In fact, with Tita Helen, we had various takes. I salute them for being real pros. "


WHEN Krista Ranillo decided to shed her sweet image, her career obviously picked up. For one, she got the meaty role of Martha in ABS-CBN 2's afternoon drama "Pieta. " Now, her name is a byword in many households as Ryan Agoncillo's partner in the Carlo J. Caparas-penned story. It required her to go a bit sexy on screen but the slim beauty says she didn't have regrets.

"Because of my new image many opportunities knocked at my door. If before, offers were scarce, now, my schedule is full. And one thing more, the role of Martha is a role of a lifetime. I have to give my best since the original actress in the film version, Ms. Vivian Velez put in a great performance. I'm certain that my considerable acting chops will be noticed here," Krista says.

Apart from TV shows, Krista is busy too with product endorsements.

"The public should see the calendar I did for a famous oil company that'll come out early this year. It's definitely a blast," she concludes.

Source: People's Journal