Apr 25
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Orig at tunay na sumbungan ng Bayan!

Orig at tunay na sumbungan ng Bayan!

Author: Billy Balbastro
Column: Take Billy

RAISED in the South by a military man for a father, it is not surprising that the Tulfo brothers share a passion for righteousness and public service.

Of course, Mon Tulfo has been hailed as hardhitting columnist and when he crossed over to radio and television, he has been regarded as "Action Agad Man".

Mon Tulfo is someone you can run to if you are a victim of abusive government officials as well as other person of authority, of neglect, malfeasance and misfeasance.

And when the rest of the Tulfo boys followed their Kuya Ramon�s footsteps in Philippine journalism after stints in foreign lands, they created a niche for themselves, collectively or individually in local journalism as well as the hearts and minds of Filipino audiences.

Individually, they continue with their kind of writing � Mon in Bulletin, Raffy in Abante TONITE and Erwin in People�s Tonight.

As broadcast journalists, they too had their separate and individually. Erwin has been with ABS-CBN, Raffy at NBN 4 and Mon at RPN 9.

It seems that the time has come for them to have their acts together. Hence, Isumbong Mo (Tulfo Brothers), the "original at tunay na Sumbungan ng Bayan" will be aired on Saturdays, 6 to 7 p.m. on RPN 9.

Here we don�t simply have three hosts or a troika of celebrities but it has the novelty of having the three Tulfo brothers Mon, Raffy and Erwin as hosts.

They have their own individual brand of public service, their own following.

At this time when abuse of power, inaction by officials inefficiency in delivery of social services and corruption are common, Isumbong Mo (Tulfo Brothers) fills up some concerns and needs.

This weekly, one-hour TV show aims to give a "hefty dose of public service" � it hopes to listen, assist and educate. It will not only facilitate action on complaints. It also seeks to educate and inform people how to be responsible citizens.

Isumbong Mo (Tulfo Brothers) will start airing next Saturday, May 20, 6 p.m. on RPN 9.


For Marvin Agustin, it�s a new decade with his new soap, I LUV NY which is set to start airing on May 15, at the time ABS-CBN�s soap, Bituing Walang Ningning is airing. And a new network.

It�s a fine competition. While ABS-CBN comes up with a Komiks classic turned movie hit in the past, GMA 7 has a new love tale in avant garde surroundings like New York.

Until when can Marvin keep his lips sealed in front of inquisitive and gossip-BILLY... heavy movie press who have long been waiting for him to speak up about ABS-CBN?

Totoo bang may tampo siya sa ABS? Ano talaga ang nag-trigger sa kanyang paglipat sa kalaban ng Dos? Totoo bang wala naman talagang offer kundi nilakad talaga ito ng bagong manager niya?

Really, until when can Marvin hold on to his pants and keep his lip with questions like these even from his writer-friends?

Anyway, questions like these and situations like where he is now are the best tests of the kind of people we really are.

Surely, Marvin won�t talk for I know years back when everything was okay, he already realized that if it were not for some people at ABS-CBN and the network itself � he would have been in a different field, playing a different ballgame, not the one he�s doing now.


GOODNEWS: One of my favorite directors Mel Chionglo has started work on Saddiq for an independent production of Dennis Evangelista and friends. Mel did Sibak and Burlesk King in the past.

Saddiq which in Arabic means friend has touches of Brokeback Mountain, about two Pinoys who work in Saudi Arabia and finds love in each other.

Ricky Lee wrote the script and it stars Jay Manalo and Allen Dizon and Dina Bonnevie as the understanding wife.


ONE-LINER: Life isn�t measured by the breaths we take, but rather what takes our breath away.

Source: Abante