Apr 21
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PBA games live on myTV

Author: Isah V. Red
Column: Life & Entertainment

Basketball fans, particularly of the teams playing in the Philippine Basketball Association, need not drive like crazy to get home to watch the PBA games on television.

Thanks to mobile TV (or TV on a mobile phone), fans can relax anywhere they are and still be up to date with the results of the games.

After the live broadcast of the Pacquiao-Barrera fight, myTV continues to bring top-rating events live to Smart subscribers. Starting last Oct. 14, myTV is airing the PBA Games live on phones connected to Smart.

The deal has just been recently inked between 360media president and chief executive Orlando Vea and PBA Commissioner Renauld Barrios making the broadcast partnership official between Smart and PBA. The first games will kick off the Smart Philippine Cup.

The start of the PBA season on myTV is historic for the Filipinos who are passionate about basketball, and myTV’s partnership with the PBA adds a new dimension to watching the games.

This heralds the start of a new era for the 2007-2008 PBA games which has announced new rules and an exciting roster of new players. PBA officials led by chairman Tony Chua of Red Bull and officer-in-charge Renauld Barrios said: “We’re all full of hope and excited as we welcome the new season of Asia’s first ever play-for-pay league,” during the formal launch of the PBA’s 33rd season at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel.

Under Barrios’ watch, the board approved the adoption of new rules, foremost of which is the controlled handcheck, a regulation intended not to impede the offense of the game.

Since its launch in August, myTV has given excitement to Smart subscribers who are on the go and who want instant access to news, information and entertainment. Watching their favorite TV shows on their Smart cell phones has become a habit as the gadget is handy. They can carry their handsets anywhere and can kill downtime by flipping it on to view the shows on ten channels now available on myTV: CNN, National Geographic, the History Channel, MTV, Jack TV, ETC, Basketball TV, Cartoon Network and Pinoy Box Office. Live events have also been broadcast on myTV, making the service valuable to those who cannot be home to watch these important events on television.

With this, myTV has been catching on as it suits the lifestyle of young, mobile phone users.

Responsive management

What happened at the Carpark no. 6 at Greenhills Shopping Center the night of Oct. 18 would have devastated me totally had it not been for the speedy response of Ortigas & Co. through its external relations and corporate communications manager Kap Maceda Aguila who rushed to the scene immediately after he received a call from a security officer on duty that night. Also, The Company’s property manager, Monch Sumulong, similarly did the same thing.

Between the two of them, a decision was reached and Kap relayed it to me, as well as to the members of the media that came to the scene, that Ortigas & Co. would do everything to help me recover my losses, especially the MacBookPro that was taken by the burglars and car thieves.

I really appreciate the immediate response to my situation that night by the corporate officers of The Company.

Last Friday afternoon, Kap handed over to me a brand-new MacBookPro as a replacement to mine that was stolen last Thursday night.

Lessons on security management and control

While I am very thankful I got another computer that I can use to facilitate my work as a journalist, I am also hoping that Ortigas & Co. learned a lesson from the incident. It was very obvious that there was a security lapse. How come none of the roving guards saw the incident? Why were they all on a break at the same time? Why was the surveillance camera not functioning?

I don’t want to insinuate the guards were in cahoots with the robbers, but incidents like what happened to me could be minimized, if not totally avoided, if the security is tighter than just checking the contents of the trunks of the vehicles, because petty criminals can easily blend with the motorists.

At a pay parking in Tokyo, no one, not even the driver is allowed inside the parking. A valet takes your car, and brings it up via elevator, and then takes it down to the exit driveway when you retrieve it.

At a shopping mall in Miami, pay parking is limited to owner-driven vehicles only, if only to discourage thieves, and no one is allowed to stay in the vehicle when it is parked.

What I’m driving at is, establishments charging parking fees should also ensure the safety of the vehicles, otherwise what is the logic behind paying a fee when your vehicle can be vandalized, burglarized, and things stolen from them?

If I had left my vehicle in public parking lot (without paying any parking fee), I can vent my ire towards the local police for not making sure that the place is safe. In this instance, Ortigas & Co. is paying a huge sum to a security agency to ensure their place is safe. The Company should have also ingrained in the minds of these security guards that they are also mandated to make sure the motorists parking their vehicles in the pay parking lots would be safe from burglars and thieves.

This should be a lesson also to other establishments whose only aim is to profit from motorists who are willing to pay for a space in parking lot. I have been getting messages from people who saw the incident on television, heard it over the radio or read it in the dailies, telling me about similar incidents in places like Metrowalk, Alabang Town Center, SM North Edsa, the open carpark adjacent to The Podium, and even the tightly guarded Glorietta underground parking.

The police (while explaining that they don’t have jurisdiction over the private shopping malls or centers) also have a duty to ensure safety around the place. They shouldn’t turn a blind eye on the rising incidence of car thefts in mall car parks by hunting the gangs that prey on helpless victims like me.

Source: Manila Standard Today