Apr 17
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Philippine Entertainment Portal

Country: Philippines
Launched: September 28, 2006 (Thursday)

The same folks who brought you YES! magazine now welcome you again to Philippine showbizlandia.

Enter the gateway to showbiz news, updates, and controversies.

  • Grab the latest showbiz news fresh and hot!
  • Keep abreast of the current TV rage, chart-topping songs and albums, upcoming films to hit the cinemas, and theater plays on stage.
  • Follow the blow-by-blow account of showbiz issues straight from PEP’s reliable sources.
  • Access cool showbiz stuff like a TV interview or sound byte, and download the video and audio files instantly!

Enter the real and reel world of the stars.

  • Explore the houses of your favorite celebrities.
  • Witness the parties and special occasions like births, baptisms, birthdays, debuts, and weddings.
  • Catch your favorite stars while working on their latest movie or TV series.
  • Find out the hottest beauty and fashion trends

Enter the community of Pinoy showbiz aficionados around the world.

  • Join the fanfare, and post your thoughts and messages.
  • Upload your treasured fan photo for the entire world—and your idols—to see.

It’s a one-stop entertainment shop, open 24/7. Enter now!

Official Website: http://www.pep.ph/