Apr 20
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Piolo’s mom reveals son’s flings with women

Author: Reggee Bonoan
Column: Life & Entertainment

We chanced upon Piolo Pascual during the June Bride campaign pictorial of Max’s Restaurant last Sunday at its Roces branch in Quezon City.

With him was a model we believe would follow the footsteps and even popularity of Piolo’s former leading ladies, like Isabel Oli and Toni Gonzaga, in the previous commercials he did.

Piolo was dashing in a barong Tagalog even with a five-o’clock shadow, which we learned is the look of the character he plays in the forthcoming series, Walang Kapalit, with Claudine Barretto.

The actor, it seems, has learned to take the gay issue in stride, because his fans don’t really care about the rumors.

Amy Pascual, the actor’s mother, says that he is very grateful to those who continue believing and loving her son. She always tells PJ (Piolo’s nickname) to be thankful for all the articles and gossip items about him, whether it’s positive or negative, because it only means one thing—he’s still hot copy.

Mommy Amy further said that Piolo in fact ignores his detractors and all those negative tabloid items about him. What worries him, says Amy, is how the people being linked to him, like Sam Milby and Erik Santos, feel about the whole thing.

She recalls the time when they were still in the US. Women went after her son, so she told Piolo to always have a condom with him. Amy believes she could have been a grandmother to so many kids by Piolo had it not been for her constant reminder to have safe sex.

Piolo’s mom further shared that she even scolded her son for dating an older woman. She advised PJ never to get involved with women of her age because she didn’t want a grandmother for a daughter-in-law.

We learned that PJ promised his mom that he’ll get married when he reaches the age of 35. PJ said he didn’t want to be too old when he’d go up the stage to pin medals of honor on his children.

Delicious Dennis

Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid describe IndiMusic, their partnership in the recording business, as their “baby.”

Ironically, the founding parents of the label were nowhere near Virgin Café on Morato during the launch of their “baby’s” first CD by newfangled recording artist Dennis Trillo.

Did they feel Dennis didn’t need the moral support from the owners of the label?

Thanks to Leo Dominguez, the managing director of IndiMusic, who made sure Dennis had a proper album launch. We even teased Leo about being the real owner of the label.

Leo explained that Regine had left for Singapore while Ogie, who arrived shortly after

Dennis’ gig ended, came from a taping for a show.

During Dennis’ brief performance, his supporters could not resist going up the stage to take pictures of their idol using digital cameras, camera phones and whatever gadget available to capture the new recording star’s handsome face.

We noticed though that Dennis was still uneasy performing on stage. He should start learning how to move like a real rock star, or he’d be overtaken by this young lad from Toledo City, JayR Siaboc, whose energy and enthusiasm mesmerized everyone during his album launch at Club O, a week earlier.

Anyways, we liked Dennis’ version of “All Out of Love” and “Love is All that Matters.”

However, Dennis seemed more comfortable with rock than pop. Beyond the songs, we like the photos in CD sleeve taken by Ronnie Salvacion. Everyone who have seen those photos have only one word to describe Dennis—yummy.

Ruffa is it

It is still Ruffa Gutierrez who will join Boy Abunda and Cristy Fermin and pinch-hit for Kris Aquino this Sunday in The Buzz. The producers like Ruffa, it seems.

According to our spy in The Buzz, Ruffa will be Boy and Cristy’s co-host for the entire March, yet at the same time, the producers are trying to negotiate with Ai-Ai de las Alas.

The Buzz, according to our spy, will try Gretchen Barretto, although Ruffa and Ai-Ai are the show’s top choices. And what about Rosanna Roces? The Buzz spy said her name came up at one point, but she was not mentioned any further.

Meanwhile, according to our spy, there’s this survey saying that the viewers disliked Ruffa because she did nothing but flaunt her beautiful and branded clothes and accessories? Same thing with Buzz guest, Gretchen Barretto, who also showed off the dress by Monique Lhuillier.

Gretchen doesn’t probably know that no one in the resettlement areas for the displaced railway squatters knows Monique Lhuillier. So, it didn’t matter, really.

The Buzz spy disclosed that there’s no such feedback on Ruffa and the management wouldn’t like her if there were such negative reactions. The Buzz spy further stressed that people should admit Ruffa is indeed a good host.

Roller skates blooper

We failed to catch ASAP ’07 last Sunday, but heard about Shaina Magdayao’s misfortune with roller skates.

Shaina tripped and fell flat on the floor as she entered the stage in roller skates.

Still, the young lady stood up and did the rest of the choreography but the viewers could see the pain she was feeling then.

And at the premiere of Happy Hearts, Shaina showed us the wounds she got from the accident. She said it was her first time to use roller skates. She explained she wanted to run to the backstage because of the pain but the show must go on.

While watching Happy Hearts, we couldn’t help but reminisce those days when Shaina was still in her diapers while we were trying to help her sister Vina with publicity. Now, we find her a grown-up and beautiful young lady.

We knew beforehand that Shaina would eventually join show business. As a young girl, she showed a lot of promise with her talents. She also loved intrigues. Indeed, her parents, Ike and Deanne Magdayao, knew that as well. Now, Shaina is the other half of a rising love team. And Rayver Cruz, the other half, has openly said he is courting Shaina.

Last Wednesday was the first day of Happy Hearts on the big screens nationwide produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Joel Lamangan and producer Roselle Monteverde Teo was very happy of the result in the box office.

Broken vow

Vina Morales and her boyfriend Cedric Lee have broken up, apparently because many people are now trying to meddle with the relationship.

Vina was even heard saying that she is glad that Shaina has a happy heart while she had let go of him (Cedric).

Vina explained that Cedric’s fellows in the Christian “church” he goes to are working on making Cedric and his wife getting together again. The actress said, if that’s the case, she doesn’t want to get involved anymore.

The actress further said she informed Cedric that it would be best for the both of them if he could have his marriage annulled first before they go on with their relationship. Vina said if she is still single when the annulment becomes official, they could still get together, however, if Vina could find a new boyfriend before that happens, it means their love story has ended.

But it looks like Vina is really in love with this person because it’s the first time that the press heard her saying that she and Cedric are really soulmates.

Source: Manila Standard Today