Apr 24
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Whatever happened to Abby?

Whatever happened to Abby?

Author: Lee Sagad
Column: Life & Entertainment

Priscilla Almeda is probably one of the best bold stars of her generation. She can effortlessly lead any man to temptation by enthusiastically stripping her clothes off. Her movies like Sutla, Syota ng Bayan, Exploitation and Machete 2 can attest to that.

Her innocent face and flawlessly white skin made her irresistible. And men just can't get enough of her.

But as much as she wanted to give pleasure to testosterone-driven people, she just can't.

Abby Viduya, the bold star's birth name, decided she couldn't be showing skin forever. She has gone to Japan where she works as a waitress in a restaurant. Far from the glitz and glamour of showbiz, she found chaste happiness.

Source: Manila Standard Today