Apr 25
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Why Claudine and Rico broke up

Author: The Philippine Star


• Tonight’s 20th Film Academy Awards (starting at 8, covered "live" by RPN 9) at the UP Theater will be a "reunion" of sorts for Bong Revilla who’s co-hosting the affair. Two of Bong’s "exes" will be around – Gretchen Barretto who will open the affair with a show-stopping rendition of I’ve Never Said Goodbye (from the musical Sunset Boulevard) and Ruffa Gutierrez who’s also a co-host (along with Phillip Salvador and Lorna Tolentino). If Bong’s eyes disappear into mere slits, you should know why. Now, will Bong’s rumored "current," Rufa Mae Quinto, show up and make the FAP event more exciting? Stay tuned. * * * These you’ve got 2 believe:

Yes, it’s true: Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan have broken up.

Yes, it’s true: A "third party" (unidentified) is the suspected cause of the lovers’ fight that led to the break-up.

Yes, it’s true: Rico did hurt Claudine during that fight.

And these, too:

No, it’s not true that Claudine and Rico broke up before the showing of their recent starrer, Star Cinema’s Got 2 Believe (a certified smash-hit); it happened only two weeks ago, clearly several days after the release of their movie. (They were still lovey-dovey during the Got 2 Believe promo, remember?)

No, it’s not true that Raymart Santiago is the suspected "third party. "

No, it’s not just a simple LQ (as in Lovers’ Quarrel) but a very serious fight involving, yes, physical – as well as oral – violence.

This is how it happened, according to the Funfare roving DPA in Greenhills where Claudine lives in a condo:

"For weeks, Claudine was intriguingly silent, obviously bothered by a suspicion that Rico was – is? – having an affair with somebody. But she kept quiet about it, waiting for solid evidence to confirm her worst fear. Her pregnant silence was starting to irritate Rico whose pleas for Claudine to speak up fell on deaf ears. Now, was Rico acting that way because he was ‘guilty’? Or did he simply want to iron things out?"

And then it happened one night, the Big Fight, right at the lobby of the condo where Claudine is staying.

"There was a running heated argument between the lovers," continued the DPA, "from the lobby to the elevator where Rico was overheard barking at Claudine, ‘Don’t tell me that you also believe that rumor!’ (Ano kayang rumor ’yon!?! – RFL) In a flash, the two were engaged in an exchange of explosive words (read: maaanghang na salita) and then Rico slapped Claudine and tried to bump her head on the elevator wall. Claudine tried to fight back. Then she rushed to the security guard to ask for help. "

You didn’t see that scene in Claudine and Rico’s movie (Got 2 Believe), did you?

Anyway, because of that incident, Claudine requested the condo management to "ban" Rico from the premises. She did make sumbong to Mr. M. (Johnny Manahan, head of the ABS-CBN Talent Center) who, in turn reprimanded Rico.

"No," insisted the DPA, "there’s no more reconciliation. I know Claudine. When it’s the end, it’s the end. "

Goodbye, Rico!

Oh, yes, Raymart Santiago. The DPA explained that Raymart is close to Claudine’s Ate Gretchen after they starred together in a movie produced by the Santiagos. So everytime Gretchen and her Tonyboy (Cojuangco) celebrate a special occasion, Raymart is always on the guest list, such as when Gretchen celebrated her 32nd birthday at their Forbes Park home last March 6. Raymart was there, and so was Claudine, but not Rico (who had then already fought with Claudine).

"During the chika-chika," said the DPA, "everybody was teasing Claudine and Raymart (who has reportedly broken up with Kristine Florendo, ex-Bb. Pilipinas-World and co-host of Eat, Bulaga!). Bagay sila, di ba? Raymart is also the barkada of Claudine’s brother-in-law Dennis Padilla, they’re both on the GMA sitcom Kool Ka Lang. So everytime the grupo, also including Claudine’s Ate Marjorie (Dennis’ wife) would have a gimmick they bring Claudine along to console her. The grupo was last seen together in Eastwood City, making those who have seen them suspect that Claudine and Raymart are now ‘on’. "

Well, not yet. But soon kaya?

Being now both fancy-free, Claudine and Raymart are gravitating toward each other. Only several days ago, Raymart visited Claudine on the set of her ABS-CBN soap Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, bringing Starbucks goodies as pasalubong. Knowing Raymart to be kuripot (tightwad), he must really be attracted to Claudine to have "splurge" on that pasalubong. Raymart watched over Claudine throughout the shooting.

You read it right: Raymart is courting Claudine – definitely!

The big question is: Will Rico’s loss be Raymart’s gain?

Keep your eyes – and ears – open. As Pinoy as ginataan Here for a visit (she would have joined the Bb. Pilipinas contest last Saturday but backed out at the last minute) is 2001 Miss Asia-USA Feilane Bennett, 25, a statuesque morena beauty (5’8", 35-24-35, 115 lbs. ). Also the Miss Philippines Expo (Los Angeles) in 2000 and Miss Philippine Tourism (L. A. ) the same year, Feilane was born on May 10 in Seattle, the youngest among the four children of Eddie Ombac of Daraga, Albay, and Florence Bennett who’s a cousin of one-time Miss Philippines Lalaine Bennett who was the first Filipina to finish as finalist (fourth runner-up) in the Miss Universe Pageant (in 1964).

Feilane is not a stranger to the Philippines; she has been coming and going since she was a kid. Because her dad was in the US Navy, she and her siblings moved around a lot before the family finally settled down in Virginia. Thus, Feilane finished elementary grades in Seattle, part of high school in Hawaii, second-year high school at St. Francis of Assisi in Seattle and third/fourth years at the St. Agnes Academy in Legaspi City (where Dina Bonnevie also finished secondary school). Feilane finished Associate in Arts with honors at Highline College (also in Seattle).

Back in Virginia, she tutors students in biology, psychology, English and other subjects. She has taken lessons in voice and drama, among other "performing arts" courses, at the Zephyr Entertainment School of Dramatic Arts in L. A. She wants to open a tutorial school called Educating Young Minds in Daraga, Albay. But before that, Feilane will represent the Philippines in the Miss Globe International contest in Istanbul, Turkey, in July, along with the local representative. The current holder of the Miss Globe title is a Filipina, Maricar Bautista. Feilane and her mom are leaving tomorrow for the US to prepare for the Istanbul contest.

Source: The Philippine Star