Apr 19
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Alto Broadcasting System Chronicle Broadcasting Network

Frequency: Terrestrial
Country: Philippines
Launched: October 07, 1953 (Wednesday)

Aside from its flagship terrestrial network ABS-CBN 2, ABS-CBN is now being aired to many predominantly Filipino enclaves in the United States via The Filipino Channel or TFC. The network has also diversified into film (Star Cinema-ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.), music (Star Records), publishing (ABS-CBN Publishing), and interactive media (ABS-CBN Interactive).

The network has also introduced its second terrestrial Channel, Studio 23 (UHF network), as well as cable channels MYX (a music channel), ABS-CBN News Channel (a cable news channel), CinemaOne Global (movie channel), Lifestyle Network (home and lifestyle channel), Pinoy Central TV (regionally produced shows) and Hero TV (the country's first tagalog-dubbed Anime Channel). The network's radio stations include dWRR 101.9 (FM-Manila) and dZMM 630-khz (AM-Manila).

ABS-CBN has established regional stations and news bureaus to handle operations in different areas throughout the Philippines. It also broadcasts to locations all over the world via The Filipino Channel, managed by ABS-CBN International. Shows are also available for live viewing and subscription via the Internet through ABS-CBN Interactive's ABS-CBNNow! service.

ABS-CBN affirms its social responsibility in its slogan, "In the Service of the Filipino", through the establishment of ABS-CBN Foundation. Through multimedia, the foundation has delivered E-TV (Educational Television) VCDs to hundreds of public schools in the country that bebefitted thousands of students. The foundation is also the umbrella organization of such foundations such as the Knowledge Channel (KCh) Foundation, Bantay Bata (Children's Watch), Bantay Kalikasan (Environment Watch), and ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation.

In 2003, during the television station's 50th anniversary, ABS-CBN launched its present slogan, "Kapamilya" (literally means "a member of the family"), which it believes reaffirms the network's commitment to quality programming that will foster Filipino moral values, which is dominant and characterized in a typical Filipino family.

ABS-CBN Regional Network Group

The ABS-CBN Regional Network Group is the provincial network of ABS-CBN. It is responsible for live/pre-taped relay of shows aired in Manila throughout the country. The ABS-CBN Regional Network Group has several stations in each region all over the country. This group also delivers news in each region and the fiestas in the cities. Through the group, ABS-CBN has the following regional stations in the Philippines:

(This list is alphabetical order; incomplete)

  • Bacolod City (ABS-CBN Bacolod)
  • Baguio City (ABS-CBN Baguio)
  • Batangas City (ABS-CBN Batangas)
  • Bukidnon (ABS-CBN Bukidnon)
  • Bulacan (ABS-CBN Bulacan)
  • Butuan City (ABS-CBN Butuan)
  • Cabanatuan City (ABS-CBN Cabanatuan)
  • Cagayan de Oro City (ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro)
  • Cebu City (ABS-CBN Cebu)
  • Cotabato City (ABS-CBN Cotabato)
  • Daet (ABS-CBN Daet)
  • Dagupan City (ABS-CBN Dagupan)
  • Davao City (ABS-CBN Davao)
  • Dipolog City (ABS-CBN Dipolog)
  • Dumaguete City (ABS-CBN Dumaguete)
  • General Santos City (ABS-CBN General Santos)
  • Iligan City (ABS-CBN Iligan)
  • Iloilo City (ABS-CBN Iloilo)
  • Isabela (ABS-CBN Isabela)
  • Kalibo, Aklan (ABS-CBN Kalibo)
  • Laoag City (ABS-CBN Laoag)
  • Legaspi City (ABS-CBN Legaspi)
  • Lipa City (ABS-CBN Lipa)
  • Lucena City (ABS-CBN Lucena)
  • Naga City (ABS-CBN Naga)
  • Olongapo City (ABS-CBN Olongapo)
  • Pampanga (ABS-CBN Pampanga)
  • Puerto Princesa City (ABS-CBN Puerto Princesa)
  • Roxas City (ABS-CBN Roxas)
  • San Pablo City (ABS-CBN San Pablo)
  • Tacloban City (ABS-CBN Tacloban)
  • Tarlac City (ABS-CBN Tarlac)
  • Tuguegarao City (ABS-CBN Tuguegarao)
  • Zamboanga City (ABS-CBN Zamboanga)


  • The Philippines' Largest Network - used as the corporate slogan.
  • The Star Network - used on 1987 with its renewed operations.
  • In The Service Of The Filipino - popularized the network even further in the 90's.
  • Sabay Tayo, Kapamilya - launched in its 50th anniversary in 2003. The general slogan is simply Kapamilya
  • Bawat Pinoy, Kapamilya - the slogan for this year.

List of Subsidiaries

  • ABS-CBN Center for Communication Arts, Inc.
  • ABS-CBN Middle East FCLLZ (Dubai)
  • ABS-CBN Film Productions (Star Cinema)
  • ABS-CBN Global Ltd.
  • ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc.
  • ABS-CBN International, Inc.
  • ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.
  • Bayan Telecommunications, Inc.
  • Creative Creatures, Inc.
  • Creative Programs, Inc. (CCI)
  • E-Money Plus, Inc.
  • Professional Services for Television & Radio, Inc.
  • Sarimanok News Network, Inc.
  • SkyCable, Inc.
  • Sky Films, Inc.
  • Star Recording, Inc. (Star Records)
  • Studio 23, Inc.
  • TV Food Chefs, Inc.
  • Roadrunner Network, Inc.
  • Star Songs, Inc.

Discontinuing Operations

  • ABS-CBN Consumer Products, Inc.
  • ABS-CBN Europe Societa Per Azioni
  • ABS-CBN Hong Kong, Ltd.
  • Cinemagica, Inc.
  • Shopping Network, Inc.


  • AMCARA Broadcasting Network, Inc.
  • Calbayog Community Broadcasting Corporation
  • Masbate Community Broadcasting Corporation
  • Mindanao News Broadcasting Network, Inc.
  • Palawan Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sky Vision Corporation