Apr 21
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Hero TV

Frequency: Cable
Country: Philippines
Launched: November 12, 2005 (Saturday)

Hero TV is the premiere anime cable channel in the Philippines formed by Creative Programs Inc. (the cable subsidiary of ABS-CBN.) It is the first and only all-Tagalog-dubbed anime channel in the country.

Seen on Sky Cable channel 44 and in over 250 cable systems in the Philippines, It aired its first test broadcast from August to September, 2005. Regular broadcast started on the following month and was formally launched at the Philippine Trade Training Center on November 12, 2005. Since April 2006, the channel airs between 6:00 am to 2:00 am. The channel also shows surefire anime that proves to be a definite hit for cable viewers - young and old. The channel also premieres never-before-seen anime titles in the country such as Mirmo de Pon!, Negima!, and Major to name a few. Hero TV also airs non-anime programs such as tokusatsu (Live action special effects) shows like the Power Ranger series, western-style animation programs such as Heavy Gear and Godzilla, and anime-style animation programs such as Di-Gata Defenders and Class of the Titans, and features the most popular anime series in the country.

Hero TV also takes pride in producing its own local programs like G3 or G-Cube (Games, Gigs, and Gadgets, a technology-centric program) and Animenutes (a news and information program with an anime-themed affinity).