Apr 20
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MBC Korea TV Schedule

TimeTV Program
05:30PM Sunday Sunday Night
Sunday, Sunday Night is the longest-running South Korean television entertainment programme, distributed by the MBC. (2.42 hours)
07:55PM My Life's Golden Age
The drama revolves around three siblings, their parents, marriage, and re-marriage. Lee Hwang is a fashion designer with a six-year old daughter.
09:40PM My Woman
Se Ra is an ambitious woman who discarded her long time boyfriend, Hyun Min, in order to join high society. Though she seems weak, she actually has a great determination to fulfill her dreams. Se Ra betrays Hyun Min in order for her to become successfu...
10:40PM 2009 Alien Baseball Team
Hye-seong Oh (Tae-yeong Yun), who excelled at skipping rocks as a child, loved Eom-ji Choi (Min-jung Kim). As childhood friends Eom-ji Choi made Hye-seong's life warm. Ten years later Hye-seong Oh has become a baseball player and meets Eom-ji again. Sh...
11:40PM Life Special Investigation Team
This drama is about an insurance investigation team who investigates foul play and insurance cheats.