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At Home Ka Dito (2005)

At Home Ka Dito

At Home Ka Dito ushers in a new season format that brings the program to another level. A new concept that shall introduce a new lifestyle show genre.

Bahat at Buhay. This is the operative phrase for the new show which will have makeover as its core component. At Home Ka Dito now takes makeover to the next phase as it marries home makeover with life-changing makeover. A makeover that goes beyond the physical. Thus, a show that is both funky and serious, fun and emotional, a perfect blend of the laughter and tears.

Here's how. Each episode tells a story. It's about a celebrity needing a makeover fix of any space in her home (or anyone related to her) and in return for the space makeover mission that the show will conduct, the celebrity agrees to do a good deed to a common tao who is going through a problem or crisis to which the celebrity in one way or another can relate to or be of assistance.

Charlene Gonzalez anchors the show, and this time she is joined by two sub-hosts, a teen pair who will act as sub-anchors to takje charge of the home makeover part of the show (just like the young hosts of the Lifestyle Network's Knock First). The ideal peg for the tandem is the loveteam of Jorss Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo. Every episode kicks off with Charlene meeting up with the teen pair to discuss the makeover mission for the day. They all proceed to the celebrity's place. The teen pair is left to do the makeover with the aid of guest experts (ex. interior designer) and movers and they themselves get to participate in the fun part of makeover activities (craft, carpentry, etc) and impart practical tips to the viewers. As this unfolds in real time, Charlene tags along the celebrity to meet up with the common tao who needs their help. They go through a step by step solution to the common tao's problem (the range of which is wide : issues like dealing with teenage pregnancy, sibling rivalry, generation gap, insecurity, coping with the burden of being a breadwinner, etc.). The intercutting follow through of the progress of the home makeover and the life-changing makeover shall be followed. This culminates with a series of heart-rending reveal of surprises (mostly of wish-fulfilment nature related to the needs of the case study ex. Kabuhayan Showcase) for the common tao as they arrive at a solution to the problem. The celebrity is then surprised with the space makeover output and the episode ends on a feel good note.

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Also Known As :
* Feel At Home (Alternative Language)
Status : Cancelled Edit Status
Running Time : 49 minutes
Premiered : February 15, 2005
Date Ended : August 12, 2007
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Language : Tagalog
TV Station : ABS-CBN
Country : Philippines
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Genre : Lifestyle