Apr 17
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Cromartie High School (2005)

Folks, meet Takashi Kamiyama. Enrolled at Cromartie High, where everybody is a delinquent, Kamiyama is apparently the only non-delinquent in the school. Logically, therefore, he must be the toughest in his class - by the rather twisted logic that only a really tough rabbit would lie down with lions. Thus begins a story that parodies every cliché of tough-guy anime that you've ever heard of, and some you haven't. Oh, and Freddie Mercury is in it, too.

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2,850 out of 91,512 series
7.75 out of 10 stars
266 votes

Also Known As :
* Charge!! Cromartie High
* Le Bahut des Tordus (Alternative Language)
* Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (Alternative Language)
Status : Ended Edit Status
Running Time : 12 minutes
Premiered : December 16, 2005
Date Ended : March 25, 2004
Number of Episodes : 26
Season Count : [Edit Season Count]
Language : Japanese
TV Station : G4
Country : Japan
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Genre : Animation, Comedy

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